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Man, reportedly intoxicated, found 'mourning' in cemetery
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Suspicious vehicle

June 20 – A deputy patrolling on Hwy. 17 near "Full Gospel Church" spotted what he termed a suspicious vehicle. The 1999 Chevy Silverado was parked behind the church, it was unlocked and keys were on the seat, the incident report said.

In addition, "in plain view there (were) two rifles on the back seat." Attempts to contact the owner were unsuccessful. The guns and keys were confiscated.


Public drunk

June 19 – A deputy saw a car parked on the grass at approximately 11:30 p.m. at the rear of Daniel Baptist cemetery. When the deputy stopped to check it out, he was reportedly approached by a man who "was very unsteady on his feet," according to the report of the incident. "I asked the subject … what he was doing at the cemetery at 2334 (hours). He stated he was mourning his mother’s death."

The man admitted to drinking and a woman with him told the deputy she would find someone to give them a ride home. While trying to arrange transportation, the man "began to ask me why I was (bleep) with him," the deputy reported. "I instructed (the man) numerous times to be quiet he refused to listen to me."

The man was arrested.


Entering auto

June 18 – A Mill Hill Road woman reported someone entered her car and took the rear view mirror and "gear shifter," among other things such as a radar detector, gold chain and CD case containing approximately 20 CDs.

June 18 – An Oak Ridge Circle couple reported someone entered their unlocked SUV and took the woman’s purse, which contained credit cards and military ID. The couple said they contacted credit card companies and canceled the charges, but several had been made.

June 15 – A Lindsey Drive man said someone entered his pickup "and everything in his truck had been moved around." The man said he thought he’d locked both doors; what’s more, he found a paring knife inside "and he was not sure where it came from." The report noted there were no signs the pickup had been broken into.


Financial fraud

June 17 – A Mingarry Road woman told BCSO she learned "an unknown person has been using her checking account information to purchase items online."

The report said the woman and her husband have a joint checking account and she found out someone used his name to buy a round trip ticket from the Dominican Republic to Boston for $1,004.40 and scheduled to depart June 21. The woman said he transaction had already cleared her account while two charges were pending.



June 13 – A deputy was sent to an Ellabell address in response to a woman who said she’d received a threatening and unpostmarked letter. "The victim advised that she had no idea what the letter was referring to in reference to smothering the writer’s daughter. Victim stated that she believed it might (have) been kids messing around."

She was told to contact BCSO if she got another letter.


Marijuana possession, more

Feb. 17 – A deputy was sent to a Pine Needle Road address because loud music was coming from a home that was supposed to be vacant. Inside, deputies found evidence someone had been there. A few hours later, one deputy returned and found the people – one male and two Richmond Hill girls who had been reported as runaways. The report said rolling papers and joints were found and the male tried to resist arrest. He was charged with criminal trespass, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.



June 16 – A Savannah woman reported someone entered her car while it was parked at the Zip ‘n Food store at the intersection of Hwy. 144 and Spur 144 and took two bottles of prescription drugs – clonazepam and hydrocone/acetaminophen. There was no sign of forced entry.


June 14 – A Harris Trail Road man reported someone went on his property and stole some tin from a mobile home on his property. He also told LCSO that "over the past week they have disassembled a Case backhoe, first by removing the front bucket and then the backhoe portion of the tractor," the report said. "He returned today and found the entire body of the backhoe gone."

That’s not all. Later that night, the reporting deputy was dispatched to George Oliver Road regarding a fire. He was met there by the complainant, who said he went to his property to check on it and found the mobile home burning. "(Complainant) stated a family member advised him he had seen a white pickup truck speeding away from the area, so he followed it but did not get a tag number. (Complainant) believes that the subject that stole the tin and the tractor burned the trailer to destroy evidence."

June 14 – A Savannah man reported someone stole two Nissan 2.4 liter motors and some scaffolding from a Daniel Siding Road address. One of the motors worked, the other didn’t. He gave police the name of one of the men he saw at the home.

June 9 – An Ellabell woman reported one of her relatives had sold her dead brother’s car to a junkyard for scrap. She was apparently unsure which relative, but told BCSO she would contact the junkyard to see if she could stop the car from being scrapped.


Concealed weapon, more

June 10 – A 1:18 a.m. traffic stop for weaving on Hwy. 280 near Olive Branch Road led to the arrest of a Savannah man on marijuana and concealed weapon charges, a report said. The man told the deputy he was on his lunch break and claimed the deputy was racist. The deputy reportedly found a small amount of marijuana and a loaded .25 caliber pistol in the man’s car.

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