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Law reports
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Bryan County Sheriff's Department:


May 2 – While driving through the Sheriff’s Department parking lot, a deputy saw two males pushing and yelling at each other. "I exited the vehicle and at that time they had each other in a bear hold so I separated the two and asked them what they were fighting about." The man, who was the boy’s stepfather, said he had just bonded the boy out of jail and he started talking back to his mother on the way to their vehicle. "He then stated he went over to his son and they started arguing then they started pushing each other." The boy said his stepfather started yelling at him, grabbed him and head butted him. Both were arrested for affray and turned over to the jailers for booking.



May 4 – The complainant said she’d been in Savannah for the past three days working. "When she got home she noticed the back door to her residence was open. Upon search of the residence the only thing she found missing was some pizza rolls from the freezer," the report said. She said she thought the offender might be someone named "Blaze" who lives in the area.


Public drunkenness

May 6 – A deputy was sent to Shuman’s Trailer Park, where the property manager said an unknown man was asleep under the porch of lot four and the resident was not at home. "In speaking with (the man), he was found to have a strong odor of alcoholic beverage about his person, slurred speech, bloodshot and glazed eyes and was unsteady on his feet upon standing," the report said. The man reportedly admitted to having a drunk a pint earlier in the day "but could not remember what type of alcohol he was referring to." The man was arrested and taken to jail.


Dangerous dogs

May 5 – A deputy responded to the Oxford subdivision in regard to two large dogs running around and causing problems. The complainant said they were brindle pitbulls who came into his yard and ran him back into his house. The man said other neighbors were also complaining of the dogs as well. The deputy "advised the home owners they are able to protect their homes and children against a vicious animal," the report said. The deputy spoke with the alleged offender, who had a boxer, and said if it had been her dog that was loose, she needed to keep in the yard. The complainant spoke with the deputy again later that night, saying the woman "came over to his house and cursed at him and called him several names, then left the property." Animal control was notified of the incident.


Terroristic threats

May 5 – A Richmond Hill resident reported having problems with a man who has been threatening her mother and herself on a number of occasions, the report said. The woman said he’s made threats to burn her trailer down and on the date of the report, he "went outside and held a lighter to the trailer and said he would burn the (profanity) down." He also made threats to the woman’s mother, saying she better get her daughter under control before he did using violence. The deputy checked the area, but couldn’t find the man. The woman was told how to get a warrant.



May 4 – The deputy was traveling down Hwy. 280, merging onto Hwy. 204, when he saw a pickup traveling toward him that swerved into the deputy’s lane. "I then had to step on the brakes and go around the vehicle to avoid the vehicle from hitting me head on," the report said. The deputy reportedly had to hit his brakes to avoid a collision, and turned around to catch up to the truck. The truck reportedly crossed the fog line several times before the deputy initiated the traffic stop. The deputy asked the driver to step to the rear of her vehicle. "The driver staggered out of her vehicle and with slurred speech advised me that she didn’t know where her license was. I noticed a very strong smell of an alcoholic beverage coming from her person and that her eyes were bloodshot and glassy," the report said.

When asked, she said she was going home from friend’s house and admitted to having two beers. "I advised the driver that in the impaired condition she appeared to be in and almost hitting me on the roadway, was she sure that she only had two beers and she then advised me that she had three beers," the reporting deputy said. "I then asked her again where she was coming from and she advised the Red Leg Saloon."

Another deputy arrived to do the field sobriety test and the woman refused a Breathalyzer. The vehicle was towed and the woman was given three citations at the jail.



May 4 – A report was made from the Zip-N down Ft. McAllister Road after a customer reportedly came in and gave the clerk a credit card and a pack of cigarettes and said he was going to fill up. The clerk laid the credit card and cigarettes down next to the cash register. The customer reportedly came back in and, as the clerk was talking to another customer, he grabbed the items and ran. The clerk got the man’s tag number and called the police. The vehicle had already been found driving in the area of Port Royal Road and Harris Trail. The vehicle was pulled over and the man had been arrest for a DUI.



May 2 – A Bryan County High School student went to the office and said his wallet had been stolen. He said he had left his wallet in the gym locker room while he was in gym class. "He went into the locker room and discovered that his wallet was missing," the report said. The wallet is black with the letter "G" in red on it. It had $183 in cash and his social security card inside. He and the coach searched the locker room before the report was made. The boy later told police the wallet had been found in a garbage can, with no money in it.



May 1 – A Richmond Hill resident said he saw a small silver vehicle stop in front of his house and the passenger, a younger boy, got out and walked to the side of his residence. When he went outside to see what was going on, he saw the boy carrying his 5-gallon gas container, which was full. The complainant yelled at the boy who then dropped the container and ran. When the complainant asked his neighbors if they had seen anything strange, one of his neighbors said the boy sounded like his son. When the deputy spoke with the neighbor, he said he had talked to his son who admitted to trying to take the gas container.


Verbal dispute

May 5 – Two Ellabell residents were reportedly in an argument. Offender one said he had told the other not to come back to his property. Offender two reportedly became irate and hit the man’s fence with his vehicle. Offender two told the deputy that offender one had told him to get of his property and then threatened to shoot him, and he became scared and accidentally hit the fence while trying to leave. Offender two was told not to come back and both were told of the warrant process.


Richmond Hill Police Department:

Matter of record

May 6 – While on bicycle patrol, the officer was dispatched to the Main Street subdivision swimming pool parking lot in reference to a loud noise complaint. The officer saw three boys "reclining in a late model Toyota SUV. They appeared to be oblivious to my presence. After I tapped on the door the offender in the driver’s seat opened the window and I was struck with an intense odor consistent with that of burnt marijuana," the report said. The officer asked if there was anything in the car he should know about and the boys told him he was welcome to check the vehicle out, the report said. "During my investigation I discovered a small jar containing a green leafy substance that was producing an odor consistent with green marijuana," the report said. The first offender admitted it was his. The paraphernalia was taken into an evidence bag.


Matter of record

May 7 – An officer was sent out to Scarlett Lane in regard to found property. He spoke with the complainant who said she noticed two mountain bikes abandoned near her home several days ago. Since no one had shown up to pick up the bikes, she decided to make a report. The two bikes were taken and logged in as found property, neither serial number showed up in the system.


Property damage

May 7 – A resident at the Richmond Hill Plantation said someone came into his house and punched and kicked holes in the walls to just about every room in the upstairs. The officer confirmed the man’s report and told him what steps to take next.


Possession of marijuana

May 7 – At around 10 p.m., the officer clocked a Suzuki Forenza going 92 m.p.h. in the 70 zone on I-95. He pulled the vehicle over and asked for the woman’s license and proof of insurance. "The driver stated she did not have either one," the report said. A check in the system showed she was unlicensed and the vehicle had a suspended registration due to no valid insurance. A towing company was called and another officer arrived to help arrest the driver. During the vehicle search, the officer found a clear baggy containing what appeared to be marijuana. The baggy was taken in as evidence and the woman was taken to the Bryan County Jail.


Matter of record

May 6 – An officer was dispatched to Carter Street to assist EMS with a woman who had broken her arm. The woman said she fell while taking a shower. EMS took her to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

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