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Law reports
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April 23 – On I-95, an officer saw a white Chevy Blazer going 92 m.p.h. in the 70 zone. As the patrol vehicle approached, the Blazer reportedly abruptly exited the highway at Exit 87 and Hwy. 17. "The driver opened up his door while in the turning lane and attempted to step out of the vehicle in an aggressive manner," the report said. The man was told to get back into the vehicle and move it off the road. Once the officer had the vehicle pulled over, he reported smelling alcohol coming from the vehicle. When questioned, the driver said he had consumed alcoholic beverages "in Virginia."

"He then asked what state he was in," the report said.

While officers questioned the man, he was reportedly unsteady on his feet, nervous, slurring and mumbling, had bloodshot and glassy eyes, and was confused and occasionally belligerent. The man failed all the field sobriety tests, according to the report.

When an Intoxilyzer test was performed, the man reportedly blew a .162 BAC. The officers found several empty and full bottles of wine coolers in the vehicle. The man was taken to jail.


Matter of record

April 24 – Police were sent to Ashton Apartments after a complainant asked them to check on a 94-year-old resident. The man said he goes to church with the woman and was concerned when he didn’t hear from her. He said he knocked and rang the doorbell several times but got no answer. "The complainant advised that the victim is very hard of hearing and also has a hard time getting around and he is afraid she might have fallen," the report said.

"We found the victim lying in her bedroom on the floor next to the bathroom floor. As we entered the room we found a medium blood stain on the floor in the hallway. The victim’s face had dried blood on it and massive amounts of bruising around her eyes, mouth and on the tops of her hands." The officer said she was alert and could speak. She said had been in that state for an unknown amount of time and had tried throwing things at the windows in an attempt to get someone to hear her. EMS arrived and established that the woman had taken her daily medication on the date of the report, "so it was presumed that she had fallen sometime after taking her medicine." There were no signs of foul play. The woman was taken to St. Joseph’s/Candler.


Criminal trespass

April 21 – A Sterling Creek resident complained that several of the neighborhood children use her yard as a short cut, even though she’s asked them not to. "She added that today she saw the offender come into her yard, pick up the rocks from a flower bed and throw them at other children," the report said. The woman told the officer the rocks almost hit some of the kids and surrounding vehicles. The woman pointed out where the alleged offender lives and the officer went over to talk to the juvenile. "The offender’s mother came to the door and was extremely defensive, uncooperative and melodramatic. She refused to give me hardly any information." Reportedly, the offender’s younger brother had to ask his mother to calm down. The offender admitted to throwing the stones and said he was sorry and it wouldn’t happen again.


DUI under 21

April 20 – An officer was scanning the South Bryan fire channel when he overhead a man say he’d almost been hit head on at Harris Trail Road just before Hwy. 17 by a green Ford Explorer. The officer located the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop after he saw the Explorer failing to maintain its lane, near the Upper Crust restaurant.

"This officer immediately detected the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from on or about the driver’s compartment of the vehicle," the report said. The officer asked the driver if she had anything to drink, which she initially answered ‘no.’ "She then stated that she had consumed a ‘sip of beer approximately three hours prior.’" A field sobriety test showed a .058 BAC, according to the report. The girl was arrested and seated in the patrol vehicle. She was issued citations for the DUI, failure to maintain her lane and for an open container, as a three-quarter-full E & J Brandy bottle was reportedly found in the vehicle.


Public drunkenness

April 18 – Police arrived at the Denny’s parking lot after a fight was reported to have broken out. Two women were found arguing, and reportedly smelled of alcohol. "As the suspect refused to stop arguing and causing a public disturbance and her apparent level of intoxication, I placed her under arrest," the reporting officer said. The complainant said she asked the suspect to meet her at Denny’s because the suspect reportedly has a drug problem and she wanted to help her. She told police the suspect pulled a folding knife on her and threatened her, but threw it when police arrived. She said she didn’t want to press any charges.

The officer found the knife and also found the suspect’s vehicle with the keys in the ignition. The suspect said she had no knowledge of the knife and told police her fiancé could come pick up the vehicle. She was taken to jail.

-From RHPD reports.


Pointing a gun

April 23 – Deputies were dispatched to Lee Drive in Ellabell after an assault with a weapon was reported. "On arrival I spoke with the two complainants, they stated they were walking home from a friend’s and was in the area of Hardwood Trail and Bill Futch Road. A maroon early model Impala or Caprice approached them, with two (men) inside," the report said. "They stated words were exchanged and both of the (men) got out of the vehicle, the one on the passenger side pulled a pistol from his waist and waved it at the two complainants. Complainants stated that at this time they became very frightened and one of them hit the driver with his fist and other complainant hit the passenger, at this time they got back into their vehicle." Both complainants were juveniles. The car was reportedly seen heading to I-16.


Entering auto

April 24 – A deputy went to Mill Hill Road in Richmond Hill after a man said sometime between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., his 2007 Silverado was broken into at his residence. "The vehicle was left unlocked that night," the report said. "There was no damage done to the vehicle from the break in. An Ipod mini silver in color and a docking station for the Ipod were stolen out of the vehicle." The items were valued at $350. The offender is still at large, the report said.


Dog thefts

April 24 – A woman reported her English bull dog missing. She said it happened sometime between 1 and 5 p.m. and the dog was taken from the backyard. "She advised that it was white in color with gray cheeks and a tan in color ear," the report said. The dog is about 1-year-old and weighs about 50 pounds.

April 23 – A Richmond Hill resident reported a stolen dog. She said roughly six months ago, her former roommate told her that her pit bull had run away. The woman said "she did not believe her dog had run away, she believed that it had been stolen, due to the fact that the sister of her former roommate tried to buy the dog from her the night before." The woman told police she had been informed the dog was with her former roommate’s sister.



April 23 – A deputy saw a blue vehicle traveling south on Hwy. 17 with no tail lights. When the deputy pulled out behind the vehicle, he reported seeing the vehicle cross the center line "several times." A traffic stop was initiated and the driver reportedly had a strong odor of alcohol coming from her and inside the vehicle. She was asked to step out and walk to the front of the patrol vehicle. "(She) was very unsteady on her feet, using the side of her vehicle to help maintain her balance," the report said. "I asked (her) to take a preliminary breath test. She agreed to take the test. (She) tested positive at .179." The woman was placed under arrest for DUI and taken to jail. She was issued four citations for her failure to maintain her lane, no tail lights, DUI alcohol and failure to apply for a new license after moving to Georgia.

- From BCSO reports.



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