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Keep the trunk closed
Crime reports
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The following incidents are from Bryan County Sheriff’s Department and Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

Shortly after midnight on Feb. 2 an RHPD officer was running radar on Highway 17 when he “observed a vehicle traveling south in the left lane passing Ponderosa Road with the trunk wide open.” The officer pulled out to follow and “the vehicle had accelerated to 67 in a 55-mph zone.”
Long story short, the officer pulled the driver over. He didn’t know his trunk was open. Also, there were a bunch of teens in the car, including one “attempting to hide a case of beer under his legs while sitting in the backseat.” Eventually, parents were called and charges against the driver included speeding, marijuana possession and underaged alcohol possession.
On Feb. 2 shortly before 8 a.m. an RHPD officer clocked a driver on I-95 going 82 mph.
“The vehicle also was not operating its headlights in extremely foggy conditions,” so the officer conducted a traffic stop. Turns out, the driver not only was speeding and didn’t have his headlights on, despite the fog, he also didn’t have a license. He was arrested. His car was towed.
On Feb. 4 around 10:12 p.m., an RHPD officer was stopped at the Highway 17 and I-95 overpass behind an Audi. “While waiting to proceed through the intersection I ran that vehicle’s tag through the Georgia Crime Information Center to insure that it was properly registered and had valid insurance coverage.”
It didn’t. The car was towed. The man was ticketed and given a ride home.
On Feb. 3 around 8 p.m. an RHPD office was patrolling Highway 17 when he noticed a pickup had a license plate obscured by a trailer hitch.
“After noticing the violation I then ran that tag through GCIC, which showed the vehicle having no valid insurance.”
After conducting a traffic stop, the officer then learned the driver “had no valid license.” He was arrested and taken to jail. The pickup was towed.
On Feb. 3 around 10:30 p.m. an officer noticed a car heading north on Highway 17 and for some unexplained reason thought it important to run the car’s tag through GCIC. Turns out the car “had no valid insurance,” so the officer pulled it over at the Chu’s parking lot in front of the gas pumps.
The woman said she had insurance through either “Gainsco or Lin Insurance,” but the officer couldn’t verify it. The woman was cited and told not to drive the car again until she had insurance. It was left at Chu’s.
Around 2 a.m. Feb. 4 a man driving east on Highway 144 drew the attention of an RHPD officer after a check of the license plate on the car revealed “the vehicle had no valid insurance.” The officer also found “an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and also the passenger … holding an 8-ounce Bud Light raz-ber-rita can.”
Marijuana was found in the car, the passenger owned up to owning it, but the can belonged to whoever the car belonged to. The passenger was arrested, etc.

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