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Illegal dumper found, lectured
Bryan County Sheriff's blotter

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Department reports:

Threats: From a Feb. 4 report come the following:

"(Complainant) displayed to me several text messages on her cell phone which consisted of a conversation between (complainant) and the accused listed offender (another woman). Both parties were engaged in a heated conversation that consisted of vulgar and degrading language toward each other. In one of the messages (complainant) tells (listed offender) that her children are ugly. (Listed offender) replies by telling her not to say anything about her children and if she says anything else about her children she (the listed offender) will go to (complainant’s) house to beat her and her children."

The complainant was given a case number.

Illegal dumping: On Feb. 7, a deputy was sent to a Dunham Marsh Trail Road address, where a woman reported someone in a red pickup dumped a couch near the property. The woman gave the deputy a tag number and he tracked it to a Salt Grass Circle address. "Upon arrival, I met (a woman). I asked (her) if anyone at her residence used their truck to dump a couch. (She) stated she sent her juvenile son to dump their old couch but did not know where."

The deputy told the woman a witness had spotted her son dumping the couch. The woman called her son and told him to go get the couch. They did. The deputy told them where the dump is and the woman said she’d make sure her son didn’t dump illegally again.

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