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Golf cart driven into lagoon
Law Reports Richmond Hill
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Suspended license

July 26 – A Midway resident was charged in the Publix parking lot off Hwy. 144 for driving with a suspended license, without a license plate, and for a window glazing violation of tinted windows.

The man’s license was suspended on Dec. 25, 2006, with a violation date for July 21. He was arrested and released to his attorney.


Hit and run

July 30 – While investigating a hit and run, a witness informed the officer of what happened. Suspect vehicle one, a white Cadillac, turned left off Hwy. 17 South, intending to travel into Harris Trail Road.

Meanwhile, vehicle two was coming up Hwy. 17 North, through the intersection. One failed to yield to two, striking vehicle two in the left rear side with its front left side. The witness could not see the driver, but said the Cadillac had a "headlight busted out."

The driver of vehicle two said she had no further information on who had hit her.

The woman’s Oldsmobile was not drivable from the scene and had to be towed. The Cadillac was found during initial investigation, at Ashton Apartments. The vehicle’s owner told police she had let her niece borrow the car to pick up some groceries and, moments before police arrival, had left for Virginia Beach in her own Ford Taurus. The owner said she would attempt to find an address for the girl; photos were taken for evidence.


Public drunkenness

July 28 – An officer was called out to the Juke Box Bar and Grill for a male allegedly falling in the parking lot while possibly attempting to enter a gray Honda Accord. The 63-year-old man told the officer he was going to Ogeechee Road in Chatham County to return the Honda, which "he had borrowed."

The report said the man was "obviously intoxicated and unsteady on his feet," and told the officer he had a friend at Ashton Apartments who would take care of him if necessary. After attempts to contact the man’s friend, it was found they had moved away; the officer then contacted the owner of the vehicle and told him it was secured until he could pick it up.

The Juke Box bartender told the officer she had refused to serve the man because of his intoxication level. The man was charged and brought to the BC Jail with a court date on Aug. 14 and a bond set at $450.



July 28 – A woman was arrested for driving under the influence, fleeing the scene, driving with an open container, and failure to maintain lane on Hwy. 17. Officers were tipped off when a call came in, saying there was a disturbance at the Waffle House near the Travelodge. Officers arrived to see a vehicles leaving the parking lot, and chased the car as it continued heading south down Hwy. 17, exceeding speeds of 100 m.p.h. all the way into Liberty County.

The vehicle then "appeared to turn 360 degrees off the shoulder," and the driver was taken into custody from there. The woman "appeared under the influence," and cursed officers while kicking the cage of the patrol car. EMS said she did not require medical assistance, and she was brought to the BC jail.


Entering an auto

July 28 – While filling up her Dodge Grand Caravan at Raceway convenience store, a woman’s purse, vehicle registration and insurance card were stolen.

She listed eight credit cards, her Fla. drivers license, N.Y. state ID, two checkbooks, Social Security card, over $200 cash, and several personal items as the purse’s contents.

She told the officer she had lowered the windows when she stopped "to allow air to circulate in the vehicle due to the vehicle being shut off." The clerk told the officer he hadn’t seen anything, and did not have any camera system installed.

The woman’s passenger had been inside paying for gas at the time and said he did not see anything, and wondered why she had lowered the window in the first place. The woman was advised of how to get a copy of the report.



July 28 – An officer responded to Canyon Oak Loop in regards to a report that someone had driven the Genesis Homes golf cart into the lagoon. The complainant told the officer he had locked the models homes up and gone home.

Before leaving, he put the company’s golf cart into one of the model’s empty garages. Upon arriving to work the next day, he noticed the cart was missing, so he drove around the neighborhood and noticed "the top portion of the golf cart just above the water" in the lagoon.

He also noted "a beer bottle sitting on the embankment right behind where the golf cart was sitting," the report said. He told officers that there is a woman who lives in the Loop who used to work for Genesis Homes; employees are the only ones who know how to get into the model homes with a key; and the people who allegedly live with the "ex employee" had a party the night the cart went missing.

The man was given a case number and told how to get a copy of the report.


Animal running at large

July 26 – Osprey Drive had a "vicious canine" running loose. When the officer arrived on the scene, the dog charged him, but was "persuaded to enter the backyard."

The complainant said the pit bull mix had come toward her growling and barking, and the woman feared the animal would bite her.

The report said there have been several other complaints within the last week and a half. Animal Control arrived and made the decision to allow the dog to remain at its residence.

The owner’s 13-year-old daughter brought the dog into the house, and the owner was called, made aware of the situation, and informed of numerous citations she would be receiving due to "lack of control of the canine."

She was cited for an animal running at large, dangerous animal, animal license and registration required, unlicensed dog running at large, and vaccinations violations. The mandatory court date has been set for Aug. 28. Animal Control told the woman she needed to maintain control of the dog, otherwise formal orders would be issued for all three dogs at her residence.


Theft by taking

July 26 – A woman made a complaint about her former tenant at her Camellia Street residence, saying the man had destroyed the carpeting in her house.

While the man had promised to replace the carpet, he had left without cleaning the home, replacing the carpet, or paying the woman money for a tow job he had done for her. The living room carpet showed numerous cigarette burns, and "the entire house was filthy in every room from food trash to cigarette butts throughout the house."

The woman said she would need to hire a cleaning crew to come and sanitize the home before she could rent it out again. The previous night, the tenant had towed a vehicle for her from the Days Inn for $44, but the money was missing from the tow truck.

The woman did not have a forwarding address for the man, but said he had a daughter in Ashton Apartments who was unable to be located. The woman got a case number and was advised on warrant procedures.


Theft by taking

July 24 – A burglary was reported at a business on Longwood Drive. The complainant said that an unknown person(s) had broken the padlock on the scrap metal gate of his business and removed various amount of metal pipe. The stolen metals consisted of the metal alloy "Inconel," which is currently priced at 15 to 18 dollars per pound. Roughly 1000 pounds were confiscated from the scrap yard. The man was given a case number and told how to obtain a copy of the report.


From RHPD reports.

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