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Easter dinner breaks into a stabbing
Bryan County Sheriff's blotter

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

Matter of record: A deputy was sent to Kings Ferry RV Park Sunday regarding a mother who claimed a woman "became verbally aggressive toward her and her husband because (her) children would not give (the woman) their names."

The complainant said "because they travel and for the protection of her children, she has taught them not to speak to, or give their names to strangers," the report said. "(The complainant) stated when she tried to explain this to (the woman) she began to cuss at them and threatened to fight (the complainant)."

The complainant said when she said she was going to call cops the woman left.

But another deputy found her.

"(She) stated she thought it was rude of the children not to answer her and confronted the parents on their behavior. (She) stated she never got aggressive, and further expressed how odd she thought the family was."

The complainant asked for a report, just in case.

Theft: This is a first. Deputies were sent to a Highway 204 address Monday "In reference to a theft of asphalt millings."

There, they spoke to the complainant, the vice president of a company "currently repaving Highway 119 in Bryan County. He stated that his company had hired dump trucks to run loads of ground asphalt millings, valued at $600 per truck load, from the job site to Garden City. He stated that the trucks were directed to ravel on Highway 80 to the drop location in Garden City. However, he had just observed one of the trucks with a load pull into a residence (on Highway 204)."

The complainant said he went to talk to the driver, who had pulled into the back yard, "and had observed four loads of the asphalt millings in the back yard of the residence, three in piles and one spread. He stated that he confronted the driver, who was at first uncooperative and belligerent and then made excuses that she had gone to the location on Highway 204 to meet her boss, the owner of the dump truck she was driving, so that he could close the cover over the bed of the truck and provide her with gasoline so that she could make the trip to Garden City. The complainant stated that at that time he called for law enforcement."

About this time, the driver came up to talk to the deputy "and she stated she had no idea what was going on. I refreshed her memory as to her conversation with the complainant and she then became evasive, stating that she had not done anything wrong and was not involved in anything."

The woman eventually told the deputy the same story she’d given the complainant, who wanted to press charges and was given a case number and told the incident would be forwarded to detectives.

Suspicious activity: Firefighters at Station Nine on Belfast River Road reported Monday "that someone had been knocking on their bathroom window," a report said. "The knocking sounded like scratching or someone tapping their nails on the glass. The firefighters checked the area but didn’t see anything around the building and nothing had been tampered with in the bays. They did notice a vehicle that had slowed down and driven into the parking area of the station but nobody exited the vehicle. The vehicle made a sudden turn and left the area at a high rate of speed."

Deputies checked the area for the vehicle, but couldn’t find it or any damage to the window.

Traffic, drugs: A deputy got a call April 13 from an off duty deputy who had spotted a "female pulled off of the roadway on the easement on Homestead Drive and Countryside Drive (in Ellabell) in a black (SUV)," a report said. "He stated that the female was acting as if she were under the influence of drugs and was steadily off loading and reloading the contents of her vehicle. He stated that he had spoken to her and that she appeared to him as if she were under the influence of methamphetamine."

The deputy arrived and "immediately observed that her movements were jerky and rapid and that she appeared unable to remain still," the report said. "I exited my patrol vehicle and asked her if she was okay and if she needed any assistance. She began speaking to me at a rapid pace and proceeded to tell me a long … story about going to the beach, her boyfriend, a vehicle sale, and about being pregnant. I then asked her if she had driven to where she was currently located and she told me that she had driven there and then continued to tell me about her boyfriend …. I then asked her how long she had been there and she stated that she had only been there a short amount of time, about 15 minutes."

The report said the woman was clearly under the influence of methamphetamine and asked her for her license, which she could not find. He ran her name and date of birth through dispatch and learned her license had been suspended.

She was arrested and once in the back seat of the deputy’s car "she stated that she wanted to speak with me and tell me why she was innocent. I asked her about her history of drug use and she stated that she was acting strangely from a lack of drug use."

The woman said she had only used meth once, when she was 19, but had been using prescription drugs.

She at first agreed to a blood test but then refused once paramedics showed up. She was cited for driving on a suspended license and DUI drugs. She was taken to jail.

Damage to property: This occurred April 14 at the corner of Black Creek Church Road and Highway 204: "I met (a dump truck driver) at the Zip-In parking lot. (The driver) told me that he pulled off on the side of Black Creek Church Road to check his brakes. (The driver) then told me he raised the dump bed of his 1991 Mack DM600 dump truck to check the brakes and when he finished he was going to pull into the Zip-In. (The driver) told me that he was letting the dump bed down but did not give it time to go completely down before moving (common). (The driver) told me he was not thinking about the bed getting hung up in the wires as he entered the parking lot."

Well. It did.

"The bed got hung up on the Comcast cable line and broke the pole, which tore down a powerline in the process. Comcast and Canoochee EMC were notified and both companies arrived a short time later. The Comcast employee told me that he was not sure if the company would seek monies for the damage, however the Canoochee EMC employee told me that he was sure they would try to get the monies for the damage of their property."

The driver worked for a Savannah company. The truck was insured.

Fire: Deputies and firefighters from Bryan County and Richmond Hill responded to an April 11 fire on Starr Creek Road, and the reporting deputy noted that when he got there shortly after 3 p.m. "I discovered a motor home, a garage and a couple of boats to be on fire."

The homeowners weren’t home. The complainant was the owner of a lawn care business who happened to be working at a nearby home. Both he and his employee said they "heard what sounded like small explosions coming from the area of the (home)." After seeing the fire, they called 911.

When the homeowner got there, he said "he had been burning a small pile of leaves and other yard debris in his yard earlier this date," the report said. "He indicated he was outside with the pile of yard debris while it was burning. (he) stated the pile of debris burnt out and he then soaked the area with water to ensure the fire was completely out."

The man also said he waited two hours then rechecked the area and saw no fire, and both he and wife departed. "(He) indicated everything was fine when he departed his residence. (He) returned home to find his motor home, garage and boats to be on fire."

The exact cause of the fire wasn’t known at the time of the report.

Aggravated assault: Deputies were sent to a Richmond Hill address Easter Sunday "in regards to a stabbing incident."

"I arrived on scene at approximately (2:56 p.m.)," the reporting deputy wrote. "Upon arrival, I checked the scene and cleared the scene for Bryan County EMS. The suspect … was not on scene upon my arrival. She had departed the residence and relocated to her residence."

The deputy then called in EMS and talked to the victim, who had a small stab wound on the side of her neck and "cuts to both arms," which were bleeding slightly. Paramedics began treating the victim, whose wounds didn’t appear to be serious.

The victim said she was staying at the home with the suspect’s mother and "they prepared an Easter meal and (the suspect) came over to eat. (The victim) stated she wanted to talk to (the suspect) about (the suspect’s) children."

The victim said she planned on keeping the suspect’s two sons while the woman she was staying with was out of town. (The victim) stated (the suspect) began to yell at her because (the victim) wanted to have a conversation with her. (The victim) stated (the suspect) told her to shut up and not talk to her. (The victim) stated (the suspect) then called her a whore slut and referred to her as a (bad word). (The victim) stated (the suspect) told her she should not be dating her brother. (The victim) stated (the suspect) grabbed knife when she began talking to her and stated ‘I will stab you (bad word again). (The victim) stated she told (the suspect) she would not stab her at which time (the suspect) stabbed her in the neck and then cut her about the arms."

The deputy took a look at the knife, which was a "serrated kitchen knife."

He then talked to the complainant, who said everybody was there for an Easter meal when his sister, the suspect, came over to eat and she and the victim got into an argument. The complainant said when he got between them to break up the fight his sister "told him she would cut him as well. (He) stated he then told (the suspect) to leave and not come back."

Other witnesses told similar stories, and the incident took place in front of three kids, none of whom were "directly involved in the incident," or injured.

The victim was taken to St. Joseph’s. The suspect received an injury "above her right eye." She claimed it was because her brother hit her. The victim said it was because she "hit a kitchen cabinet with her forehead during the incident."

The suspect also talked to the deputy, and she claimed the victim started the fight by attacking her and her brother got involved. "(The suspect) stated (her brother and the victim) then told her they were going to kill her and her daughter. (The suspect) stated this threat was made outside of the residence. (The suspect) stated if she did stab (the victim) in the neck it was by accident when they were in a physical altercation."

Everyone was separated. Everyone also got a case number for the report.

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