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'Drive-by shooting' may have been in drug user's mind
Bryan County Sheriff's blotter

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

Matter of record: A deputy was sent to a vacant lot on Fox Road around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday regarding "a piece of heavy equipment catching fire." Turns out, the complainant was also the owner of the equipment in question, a 1988 FR-10 loader that caught fire while he was clearing property. "He stated the equipment caught fire while being used. The loader was damaged during the fire. (Complainant) stated he owes no money on the loader, nor does he have insurance on it. He indicated no police report was required on the incident. No injuries were reported in relation to this incident. The Bryan County Fire Department responded to the scene and extinguished the fire. No other property was damaged during this incident."

Damage to vehicle: A man told a deputy Tuesday he was driving his BMW west on I-16 following two other vehicles. "Complainant stated that the vehicle in front of him changed lanes, and the vehicle which was in front of that vehicle had a pipe or pole fall off it. The complainant stated that he was unable to avoid striking the object. The object made contact with the undercarriage of his vehicle. Complainant stopped and found that the object punctured his fuel tank. Complainant stated that the vehicle that the object fell off was a Dodge pickup with the name of a fencing company on the side, but he could not remember it, and he was unable to get a tag number."

Public disturbance: Deputies were sent to the ballfield at the Buckhead Pool around 9:31 p.m. Monday for some sort of ruckus involving juveniles. The narrative portion of the incident report provided by BCSO was either not filled in by the reporting deputy or it was redacted before it was sent to media.

Simple assault: Deputies were sent to the Zip-N on Highway 204 in Ellabell on Saturday to handle a fight. There, they found two men having an argument. After talking to both men and store employees, they learned the fight started because "(Man A)’s 6-year-old son was at the register paying for items and placing them in his pockets that is when "(Man B), became impatient and cut in front of the child …."

That sparked an argument between the boy’s father and the impatient man, with the father inviting the line cutter to go outside.

The man who cut in front of the child told deputies "he stepped outside the store and (the boy’s father) struck him in the head with a PVC pipe several times," the report continued, noting deputies couldn’t find any "visible signs of injury to (the man’s) head." He was told how to get a warrant "if he wanted to take this further."

Matter of record: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address Monday afternoon regarding a domestic dispute. There, they met a woman who "was highly emotional," and claimed her adult son "had slapped her in the face, kicked her in the chest and twisted her nipple," the report said. "(She) also advised that (her son) said that he wished she were dead."

Deputies spoke to the son, who said his mother was lying. "(He) advised that (she) did not take her medication today which caused her to be overly emotional."

Deputies didn’t see any signs of violence or anything to indicate she had been struck or abused. They asked the son to leave the house for the day and he agreed. They explained "the eviction process" to the mother.

Matter of record: On July 27, a deputy was sent to a Buckhead address "in reference to people inside of the complainant’s basement," a report said.

"Upon arrival I spoke to (the complainant) who advised she sees lights coming from her basement and also sees people sleeping in a bed and driving cars into her basement. Being familiar with (complainant) and having prior knowledge of her mental health issue and also knowing that her residence doesn’t have a basement, I explained (to her) that she doesn’t have a basement," the report said. "Before I left (complainant) appeared to be calm however she was still under the impression she has a basement."

Reckless driving: On July 25, a man told a deputy his wife tried to run over him. The man said, "he and his wife have been separated for quite some time, and they had been in the process of buying a house earlier in the morning. The complainant stated that he was at his sister’s house when he received a text message from his wife, stating her car was broken down on the side of Interstate 16. The complainant stated that while on Wilma Edwards (Road) en route to the interstate, he observed his wife’s car cross over into his lane of travel and proceed to drive straight at him," the report said. "Complainant stated that he avoided the car, and then entered the Black Creek Post Office to request help, where his wife followed him into the parking lot."

The man said they got into an argument there, and his wife followed him to his sister’s house before turning around and leaving. He said he’d talk to a lawyer.

Matter of record: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address around 4:30 a.m. July 27 "for report of a drive-by shooting from both a pickup and a Mustang.

"Deputies did not observe either vehicle upon approach," and while one deputy went to the house, another made sure the area was safe.

The deputy who talked to the victims was told by a woman that her son was "involved with drugs and some dangerous individuals," the report said.

As the deputy talked to the mother, her son approached and was "very excited; he stated that either the Ghost Face Gang or a Mexican cartel was trying to kill him. (He) appeared to be intoxicated by some form of drug at the time. (He) was rambling on about several different incidents that occurred which led him to believe that people were out to kill him."

The son showed the deputies texts which he said were "deadly threats," but "none of the text messages … indicated any threat to life. It appeared that (his) state of mind while intoxicated by drugs, made him interpret these texts as threats."

The boy’s mother said her son came home "acting frantic" and that "it all started in Chatham County," the report said, noting she said she saw a dark colored pickup outside and heard what she thought was a gun firing before the truck pulled away. The woman said she never saw a gun, and deputies didn’t find any shell casings.

The woman was told deputies would patrol the area more often.

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