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Deputies uncover apparent attempt to burn car
Bryan County Sheriff's blotter

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office incident reports:

Matter of record: An Ellabell woman called BCSO on Friday to report "she found a pork chop bone in her pool."

"(The complaint) stated she does not know who put the bone in the pool, but thinks it might be juveniles in the area. (She) stated she is concerned about these actions, because she had a dog get poisoned a few years ago. (She) was given a case report number, nothing further at this time."

EMS assist: A deputy as sent Monday to a South Bryan address regarding a 67-year-old woman found by a relative "lying nude and chanting things that did not make sense," the report said. "(Complainant) also advised (woman) was foaming out of the mouth."

The deputy noted he "observed a white foam substance" around the woman’s mouth "and she was hollering that everyone is going to die."

The woman was taken to a Savannah hospital for treatment.

Matter of record: Two deputies were sent to a Bowridge Drive address "in reference to a rattle snake in the complainant’s back yard," a report said.

"Upon arrival we observed the large rattle snake," the reporting deputy noted. "Due to the snake’s large size and aggressive demeanor my county issued shotgun was discharged in a safe direction to neutralize the snake of being any further threat."

Criminal attempt at arson: A deputy was sent Friday to the Groover Hill overpass on I-16 regarding a suspicious vehicle and found something suspicious, alright. The 1996 Toyota Camry was off the road and "appeared to have been in a crash of some sort," the report said. "However, there was nearly no debris around the vehicle, indicating that the collision happened elsewhere. Additionally, there were no tire marks where tire marks should have been if the collision had occurred where the vehicle was found."

What’s more, the deputy smelled gas and "could plainly see a garden hose running out from underneath the vehicle. The garden hose appeared as if it were running into the vehicle’s fuel system. Closer inspection of the area revealed the gas cap of the vehicle, one end of the garden hose cut off from the rest of the garden hose, and a blade from a saw (photographed and taken into evidence."

The car was towed and a copy of the report sent to investigators.

Accidental injury: A deputy was sent to Buckhead on Friday night "reference to a person falling off a golf cart."

The deputy found the man lying in the road on his right side. "He was verbally unresponsive to questions," the report said. "(He) then rolled over on his back and said he needed to get up. (He) was told not to get up, but he did anyway. (He) then said he was going to be sick. (He) then walked over to the golf cart and sat down. EMS arrived on scene and transported (the man) to the hospital."

The golf cart driver said the man was riding on the back of the golf cart when she "made a sudden left turn" and he fell off the golf cart onto the pavement.

There were no visible injuries, but deputies surmised the man hit his head when he fell and deemed the incident an accident.

Matter of record: An Ellabell woman reported July 12 she "blocked her drive way off, due to cars coming through her yard. She then told me (a woman) became agitated because she blocked it. (The woman) reportedly told (the complainant) she was going to beat her (bleep) while holding a stick. (The complainant) responded with just go around and stay out of my yard because I will not fight, I am pregnant," the report said. "(The woman) then left, according to (the complainant)." But the woman returned with her brother and "supposedly they told her that she better watch her back on the streets, because if they saw her they would ‘drag her.’" A deputy stopped the car and the woman told him she was just dropping off her aunt, who lives behind the complainant.

Criminal trespass: An Ellabell woman — not the same one from the above report — called BCSO on July 12 after she went outside her home about 10 a.m. and found the rear window to her car had been smashed. She then called her husband and "he told her he found a brick laying in front of her vehicle" between 7 and 8 a.m. The woman told deputies she hadn’t used the car since the previous night.

"While looking around (the woman’s) vehicle, deputies also observed the front passenger side bumper cover had partially separated from the vehicle; (the woman) advised that the bumper was not in that condition prior to this incident."

She had an idea who did it.

"She stated it may be her former friend, (a Pembroke woman). (Complainant) stated that she had told (the Pembroke woman) yesterday that she wanted nothing to do with her anymore. (Complainant) advised that (the Pembroke woman) then began making threats. Deputies observed text messages on (the complainant’s) cell phone, from (the Pembroke woman’s) phone number. There were several messages from this number threatening (the complainant’s) welfare," the report said, noting they included breaking bones, punching the complainant in the face and "biting her until she bleeds."

Deputies talked to neighbors, but no one knew anything. The woman’s son said he heard something the night before that sounded like "a loud bang, like a gun shot, at 0353 hours," and that he knew the time because he was up and playing. The kid said he waited about 10 seconds because he was scared and then looked out the window, but didn’t see anyone.

Deputies told the woman how to get a report and a warrant.

Criminal trespass: On July 12 a Strathy Hall man reported kids riding around on golf carts ran over a for sale sign on their property. "(He) said this is the second day this has happened." The man said he and his wife tried to track the kids down but were unsuccessful. "(He) said there are tons of people with golf carts in the neighborhood and they are unsure who the juveniles were."

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