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Crime reports for July 8
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The following incidents were reported by the Richmond Hill Police Department:

Property damage
June 20 — An officer was sent to the Waterfront Church in Richmond Hill regarding damage to a building. Upon arriving, he spoke with a woman who told him “she was in her vehicle getting ready to back out of the parking lot when she put the vehicle in drive instead of reverse, then she panicked and hit the gas instead of the brake.
(The woman) struck the front door building causing the glass to shatter and the building frame around the glass door to cave in,” the officer reported, noting he “noticed very slight scrapes to the (woman’s) bumper.”
A man representing the church was also there and said the church didn’t want to prosecute but did want the report done for their records. The officer gave the woman and the church representative the case report number.

Matter of record
June 22 — A Richmond Hill man reported he woke up around 8 a.m. and “found his bug zapper was gone and a home-for-sale sign stuck in his front yard,” the report said. The man said his home wasn’t for sale and he last saw his bug zapper, which was mounted on a post in the middle of his front yard, the previous afternoon.
The man said he suspected juveniles may be involved and asked for a police report to document the theft. He didn’t have a serial number for the bug zapper.
June 21 — An officer was sent to the Royal Inn around 1:37 a.m. regarding “someone almost getting thrown over the rail,” the report said. The officer met with the victim, who related the following: “(The victim) explained he was approached by (the offender) earlier in the evening who offered to share some beers with (the victim). (The victim) agreed and the two indulged in ‘two three four five beers.’ (The victim) explained that he was sitting on the guard rail when (the offender) became agitated for an unknown reason,” the report said.
“(The victim) advised that he told him to calm down and (the offender) allegedly grabbed him by the throat. (The victim) advised that after a brief struggle, (the offender) let him go and he (the offender) returned to his room. (The victim) did not have any markings around his neck nor did he request EMS assistance.”
The victim did, however, ask the officer to tell the offender not to come back to his room.
“We made contact with (the offender) in his room. (The offender) was in a highly intoxicated state and advised that he had no idea what was going on. When we explained the complaint, he appeared to be confused and explained that he was in his room sleeping. (The offender) agreed that he would stay in his room and not come out until he was sober.”
The victim was told to call police if he had further trouble.
June 19 — An officer was sent to the parking lot of the CVS pharmacy around 7 p.m. in response to a complaint of a child left in an unattended vehicle. The officer met with a woman who said when she got to CVS she spotted a small child sitting alone in the back seat of a car.
The woman said the car was running, the windows were up and the door was locked. She said she called 911 to report the incident “and was shortly thereafter confronted by the owner of the vehicle,” the child’s mother. The woman said she told the mother she was concerned for the child’s welfare and was going to report her plate numbers to authorities.
The mom drove away and was shortly pulled over by a Bryan County Sheriff’s Deputy and escorted back to the parking lot. The reporting officer “advised (the mother) as to how poor of a decision that it was for her to leave her child in a car, unattended.”
No charges were filed but both parties were given case numbers and told how to get a copy.
June 13 — Police were sent to Landmark Nursery around 2:30 p.m. regarding a man who wanted to talk to police. There, an officer talked to a man who said “that while a truck was unloading a load of mulch, numerous tires exploded from an electrical shock.”
The officer then spoke to the driver, who said “while unloading an electrical current exploded numerous tires on his tractor trailer. (The driver) stated the trailer itself never touched the power line so he was unaware as to how the truck received such a powerful shock.”
Minutes later, “an electrical crew arrived on scene and advised us that the current can arch from the power line to an object that is within 4 to 6 feet. Due to the trailer being metal and the top of the trailer being within those parameters that is how the damage was believed to be caused,” the report said.
“The electric crew advised that the current voltage through said power line was 230,000 volts. All witnesses on scene agreed that the trailer in question never made contact with the power line.”

DUI, hit and run
June 25 — A Richmond Hill woman was arrested after a late-night accident. The responding officer reported he met with three witnesses who told him they were stopped in the southbound lane of Highway 17 at Harris Trail around 10 p.m., when their car was hit by a car driven by the woman. The witnesses said the woman told them her car was hit from behind by a third car, which caused her car to hit the vehicle. She then drove away.
Witnesses said they saw the third vehicle but didn’t see it hit the woman’s car, then gave the officer tag numbers of the woman’s car and the third vehicle. The officer found the third car and talked to the driver, who said she happened up on the accident but wasn’t involved.
At the same time, another officer found the woman whose car hit that belonging to the witnesses. The reporting officer arrived on scene shortly thereafter and spoke with the woman, who claimed her car was hit by the third car. She said she tried to make sure everyone in the first car was ok but they threatened her and insulted her.
The woman allegedly smelled of alcohol and failed sobriety tests. She refused to take a breath test and was taken to the police department, where she posted bond.

Public drunkenness
June 25 — A Richmond Hill woman was arrested for public drunkenness after she was found sleeping in a ditch at Harris Trail and Highway 17 around 3:30 am. According to police the woman was found asleep in the ditch by a passerby who flagged down the responding officer.
After she was awakened, the woman, who allegedly smelled strongly of booze, said she didn’t know how she wound up in the ditch, had trouble standing and when asked for her Social Security number gave police ‘a slew of indiscernible numbers that, when pieced together, made up three different Social Security numbers,” the report said. After failing sobriety tests the woman was taken to jail because she was deemed a hazard to herself and the public.

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