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Crime reports for April 24-May 2
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The following reports are from the Richmond Hill Police Department:

Possession of marijuana

April 24 — A Richmond Hill man was pulled over just before midnight on Sterling Creek Drive for driving without his headlights on. He told officers he had just picked up a friend and hadn’t turned them on yet. While speaking with the man, officers smelled marijuana and used a drug dog to search the vehicle. After a positive response from the drug dog, the man was placed in handcuffs. At that time, a female passenger claimed responsibility for the marijuana. She was arrested and the man issued a traffic citation.

Pedestrian under influence

April 29 — Just after 1 a.m., officers responded to a hit and run accident at highways 144 and 17 and were told one of the vehicles was on I-95. After approaching the vehicle on the interstate, officers noticed a man sitting in the grass nearby. The man said he didn’t know he was in an accident. He said his friend had been driving the vehicle but ran into the woods. The man smelled of alcohol and was arrested after a preliminary breath test showed he’d been drinking.

The following reports are from the Bryan County Sheriff’s Department:

Theft by taking

April 27 — Around 8 p.m., deputies responded to Mulberry Drive in Ellabell after a man reported his 47-inch flat screen television missing. He told deputies he had just moved and left the television at the residence under his brother’s care for a few days until he could pick it up. When he went back, it was missing.

April 30 — Deputies responded to J. Hendly Court in Richmond Hill after a man reported several items missing from his yard. He said sometime between midnight and 6:30 a.m., someone stole a cement green frog statue and his replica of the statue associated with the book “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.”

April 30 — Deputies responded to Brigham Drive in Richmond Hill after a woman reported two statues missing from her yard. She said sometime during the night, someone had taken two bulldog statues from her yard. One statue had a spiked collar and a broken penis, she told deputies, and the other had a pink spot on its head.

May 2 — Around 11:20 a.m., deputies responded to Toni Branch Road in Ellabell after a woman reported some hydrocodone pills missing from her home. She said she needed a police report to get a refill.

May 2 — Just before 8 p.m. deputies responded to Peartree Drive in Richmond Hill after a man reported a gas can had been stolen from his shed at home. The can was about two-thirds full and was sitting just inside the door within easy reach, he told deputies.


April 28 — Around 3 a.m., deputies stopped a Riceboro woman on Belfast Keller Road after she failed to dim her headlights for oncoming traffic and was swerving across the center lane and fog line. The woman smelled of alcohol and could not locate her insurance card although the deputies could see it in a stack of papers she was searching through. Deputies also noticed inside the vehicle a “large pile of liquid” on the center console, in the driver’s seat between her legs and on her shirt. When asked if it was vomit, she said “it might be,” and said she’d had two drinks. After getting out of the vehicle, the woman could barely stand and almost fell. She was arrested after she would not provide a breath sample.

April 28 — Deputies watched around 2 a.m. on Mannie English Road as an Ellabell man drove around a curve, ran off the road and into the ditch. He then got back onto the road and ran into the ditch on the other side of the road. Deputies stopped him and he said he’d had four beers. He smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot eyes and was swaying. After failing several field sobriety tests, he was arrested.

April 26 — Just after 1 a.m. deputies stopped a Richmond Hill man for speeding and failing to maintain his lane. The man smelled of alcohol and kept trying to hand deputies a credit card instead of his license. He then handed over an expired license and deputies had him perform several field sobriety tests, which he failed. The man refused to take a breath test and was arrested.

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