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Course bridges gap for safety officers
Area law enforcement officers and civilians learn technique during a recent training course at the firing range in Richmond Hill. (Provided)

The Midway Police Department hosted an Intermediate Combat Skills Training Course May 23-24 at the Richmond Hill Department of Natural Resources Firing Range.

There were 19 participating students from the region, including officers from Liberty County, Bryan County, Long County, Alma PD, Midway PD, Active Duty Soldiers and DOD Contract Operatives, as well as civilians.

The course is designed to bridge a gap in skills between the average officer/soldier and the SWAT/ special operator.

The course provided the necessary skills for the shooter to accurately and expediently engage his/her targets on the move with multiple shooting platforms; properly deploy the various weapons platforms from vehicles; properly use available cover to the shooters advantage; and more.

In addition, the students were taught the proper techniques for multi-personnel, or team, deployment, weapons transition drills, threat assessment and more.

Participating vendors providing support for this training were, Joe Marler of Daniel Defense, Chris Chauvenne of Mission Essentials Hinesville, Kyle Bradley of U.S. Patriot Tactical in Hinesville and Cobra Urban Survival of Peru.

All law enforcement officers completing the training received 24 hours of Peace Officer Standards and Training credit.

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