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Cops get intoxicated drivers off roads
Recent crime reports

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office and Richmond Hill Police Department incident reports:

Sept. 10

Wreck — Two people were injured when an all-terrain vehicle and a dirt bike collided on Toni Branch Road in Ellabell.

The ATV driver turned around in a ditch and came back onto the road, according to the report. The dirt bike then hit the right side of the four-wheeler.

The driver of the dirt bike and a passenger on the ATV both complained of injuries and were taken by EMS to the hospital. The ATV driver did not ask for any medical treatment.

Property damage — A woman reportedly damaged a car after arguing with her husband at his home on Pine Needle Drive in Ellabell.

The two argued after she picked up some of her belongings from the house and said she wanted one of the dogs to stay at her residence, according to the report. When the husband said no, she reportedly pulled a flag from the front yard and ran the metal rod down the side of a 2003 Mustang that was parked at the house.

The only damage was a small scratch on the passenger side door, the report states. The man said he had sold the car to someone who had not yet picked it up.

Sept. 9

Harassing phone calls — An Ellabell man reported receiving harassing phone calls from an unknown person.

The man said the person has been calling his home number sporadically for more than two months, according to the report. He said the caller does not speak, but he can hear breathing.

The calls have come at various hours to his home phone and once to his cellphone, the man told a BCSO deputy. He added that the calls have come from an unknown number and he needed a report in order for the phone company to block the calls.

Sept. 5

Animal complaint — A Richmond Hill man reported that his neighbor’s two dogs came onto his Lexington Drive property and killed his elderly cat.

The dogs went onto the man’s porch and attacked the cat while it was eating from its food bowl, according to the report. The man said he was not angry with the neighbor, but wanted him to keep the dogs better secured in the future.

The dogs’ owner told a RHPD officer that the dogs likely got out through an area of the fence that he has been asking his landlord to fix. He added that one of his children probably let the dogs outside, not knowing the fence wouldn’t contain them.

Marijuana possession — A McRae man was arrested for marijuana possession after being pulled over on Interstate 95 for wearing earphones while driving and having a badly damaged windshield.

An RHPD officer smelled marijuana, according to the report. The driver consented to a search and the officer found a small bag of suspected marijuana in one of his pants pockets.

Sept. 4

Property damage — A Richmond Hill woman reported that her car’s driver-side window was shattered at Parker Apartments.

The damage appeared to have been caused by a “small projectile, like a pellet,” according to an RHPD officer. Nothing was taken from the car and no other vehicles in the area were damaged, the report states.

The woman gave the name of someone she said might have damaged the window because they have an “ongoing feud.” However, the car owner asked police not to contact the woman out of fear the situation would escalate.

Sept. 3

DUI — A New York woman was charged with DUI, speeding, obstruction and driving with a suspended license after being stopped for driving 76 mph in a 55-mph zone on Highway 17.

The woman told an RHPD officer she “absolutely not” had not been drinking alcohol, according to the report, but she failed field sobriety tests. She reportedly registered 0.16 percent blood alcohol content on a breath test, twice the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

The woman was booked into jail as a “Jane Doe” because the name she gave police did not turn up any records, the report states. Several hours later, a jail administrator found an ID card the woman was hiding, and a check of her real name showed her New York driver’s license was suspended.

Marijuana possession — A Savannah man was charged with marijuana possession after his unsteady driving attracted the attention of a RHPD officer.

The driver-side tires were “wobbling severely,” and the driver was having difficulty controlling the car, according to the report. The driver was unable to roll down the window for the officer and had to open the door instead.

The man said the car had been involved in a wreck, and he was unhappy with the repair work, the report states. The officer arrested him after seeing suspected marijuana in plain view on the center console and floorboard.

Sept. 2

Drug possession, prowling — Richmond Hill officers searched for a prowler reported at two homes in the Piercefield subdivision, then arrested an intoxicated man matching the suspect’s description at nearby Ashton Apartments.

The man reportedly denied being the Piercefield prowler, then acknowledged he left the subdivision because he knew police were looking for him. He told officers he was at Ashton to visit his mother, but he could not provide her apartment number, according to the report.

A check of the man’s identification, listing a Savannah address, showed he was wanted on a warrant in Gwinnett County. He also was found in possession of pills that officers identified as Alprazolam and Oxycodone.

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