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Cool customer allegedly steals from cash register
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Theft by taking

Oct. 10 – A woman allegedly stole money from the Denny’s cash register while waiting to pay for her meal. According to the report, the night manager realized $50 was missing from the drawer at the end of her shift. She started tracking paperwork and reviewing the night shift’s tapes to see what had happened. She said while reviewing the tape, she witnessed a woman who came in to eat and was around the register trying to pay for her food. She walked past the register several times, and then walked back behind the counter, the report said. "The female looked around for a few minutes and then pushed the screen to bring up the selection menu. The female last walked back around the counter, pushed the no sales button, the register opened, and she took out $50 worth of bills," the report said. She then closed the register, walked back around to the other side, and paid for her food with a credit card. A copy of the tape was given to police for further investigation.


Simple battery

Oct. 11 – T&A reported a physical domestic dispute erupting inside the store. Upon arrival, one officer met with the offender in the parking lot, while another met with the complainant. The victim said she and the offender work at the truck stop, and had a "casual sexual relationship outside of work," the report said. The woman said once she found out the man also had an "alternative sexual orientation," she believed he became upset and worried that she would tell other employees. That night, she said she had been walking down the hallway and encountered the man who started striking her face for no apparent reason. The officer noted a cut and some swelling under the woman’s eye in the report. The man was arrested and taken to the BC jail.



Oct. 8 – A report for a burglary at Richmond Hill Middle School was taken after someone allegedly entered the boys’ locker room and stole a staff member’s cell phone and keys, including a key for the RHHS and RHMS gyms and the man’s vehicle. The man said several other students’ personal belongings were thrown around the locker room but none of those students wished to make a report.


Threatening phone calls

Oct. 12 – A local nursery allegedly started receiving threats after one employee quit. The paperwork was "exchanged civilly" and the man got his last paycheck, the report said. Shortly thereafter, he allegedly spun out of the parking lot and sped to the exit, spraying dirt on a few customers in the process, the report said. The owner said he was concerned because "there were several people in the area that might have been injured due to the (suspect’s) carelessness." The owner made contact with his former employee to discuss the matter, and was told he would "be sorry for treating him badly." The man also threatened to make sure the owner would lose business, and threatened bodily harm, the report said. When police arrived to make the report, the suspect called the owner. The complainant said the phone was on speakerphone; the man said he didn’t care and allegedly proceeded to curse at his previous employer, saying he planned to do everything in his power to shut the business down. He refused to speak to police or meet at the police department. The owner was given a case number and told how to get a warrant.


Disorderly conduct

Oct. 13 – According to the report, a fight broke out at the Juke Box Bar & Grill after two patrons bumped into each other on the dance floor. According to one offender, the bumping was an accident but unpleasantries ensued, followed by offender number two lunging at the first. Offender one said he got the man into a lock hold so he couldn’t injure him, but the other man’s friends took them down and began beating on him. The second offender said he was "merely dancing when all of a sudden (offender one) jumped on his back, took him to the ground and punched him in the mouth," the report said, also noting there was a plethora of supporting witnesses for both. Offender one had several bloody cuts on his face and number two had a bruised lip, but both refused EMS evaluation, the report said. Both men were arrested for disorderly conduct. The tape at the bar was reviewed, but police said the picture was too small and evidence was inconclusive.


Theft by taking

Oct. 14 – Another Richmond Hill bicycle has gone missing. A Casey Drive resident said her son’s lime green Mongoose bike was stolen sometime during the day, from the back of her residence. The bike has a black and gray seat, which has a stain on it, silver pegs on the front and back wheels, and a non-working front brake. The woman was told how to get a copy of the report.


Public drunkenness

Oct. 10 – Police were called out to the Citgo in response to a "vagrant that was harassing customers and making sexual comments," the report said. Two other calls had been made prior at the Hwy. 17 Exxon and the Raceway. When police arrived at the Citgo, two clerks flagged them down and said the man had told them he had just been released from prison for raping a woman. In the Red Zone, the man in question was found talking to a man and woman who looked at the officer with "concern, as to say they wanted (the man) gone from the business." He was asked to move outside, where he was informed he was under arrest for loitering and public intoxication. When the officer tried to cuff the man, he spun around and took a "defensive position," the report said. After repeatedly asking the man to turn around, the officer threatened to taser him, at which point the man was able to be handcuffed. The man had complained about pains in his foot while in the Red Zone, and EMS arrived to look at him. He was then taken to the department for booking, where he said he wished to be taken to the hospital. EMS arrived and the man was turned over to them.


From reports on file at the Bryan County Sheriff's Office.

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