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Carjacking reported
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Aggravated assault

Jan. 19 – Deputies were dispatched to Hill Road in regard to a possible car jacking. The complainant said he was called by a female friend, who said she was stuck in a ditch on Hill Road and wanted him to come help her. The man said that shortly after he arrived at her vehicle, two black men who looked to be around age 20 approached him from the wood line and told him to give them all his money. According to the report, one of the men had a rifle. The complainant told them he didn’t have any money. Next, he said the man with the rifle hit him in the left side of the face with the butt-end of the gun, took his wallet and cell phone, and drove off in his car. The woman also provided the same statement about the course of events.

Dog struck by vehicle

Jan. 23 – A dog was reportedly struck by a vehicle on Deer Road in Richmond Hill. The complainant said his dog was walking across the road when the alleged offender’s vehicle came down the road at a high rate of speed, locked up on his brakes and struck the animal. The report noted the dog had minor cuts and scrapes along its head and legs. The offender said he had not been traveling fast and the dog had come out of nowhere and run into the side of his vehicle. The offender said he was sorry, adding that the dog runs into the road all the time. The reporting deputy did some laps around the area and saw no posted speed limit signs, or ‘Slow, Children at Play’ signs. The deputy said he would be contacting the county road department to see if some signs can be placed at the beginning of the road.


Entering auto

Jan. 22 – A deputy was sent to Ellabell Loop Road after the complainant called to report someone entering her 2007 Nissan Sentra the night before. The woman said the offender stole her purse out of it. "She said she had left the car unlocked and when she came out this morning, she found her purse was gone," the report said. The purse contained her wallet with her driver’s license, other IDs, a Savannah Bank Visa debit card, her checkbook, and bottle of Zertek and Naproxen. A detective was put on the case.


Simple battery

Jan. 20 – A deputy was sent out to Linda Lane in Ellabell in regard to a fight in progress. Upon arrival, the deputy said he stopped one vehicle that was attempting to leave. He asked the men in the vehicle about what had happened, they said they had come to the residence and gotten into a fight with the man living at the residence because he had punched one of their mothers at a local bar earlier that day. Both men were handcuffed and placed in the back of the deputy’s patrol car. The deputy then went to speak with the man who lived at the residence. He said the two men came into the home and jumped on him. The deputy noted the man had no marks on him, but EMS was called to check him out due to his complaints of injury. The other two men were taken to jail and charged with simple battery.


DUI, fleeing

Jan. 19 – Hart’s Tavern reportedly had a fight in progress when police were dispatched. Upon arrival, several witnesses said the primary offenders had left as the deputy was pulling up. The deputy backed back out onto Hwy. 280 and headed eastbound, following the white vehicle the offenders had allegedly left in. The vehicle made a sharp turn, going through the ditch and pulling up to a residence off Hwy. 280, the report said. The offender reportedly said she didn’t know anyone at the residence and was trying to hide from the deputy. The deputy noted the woman’s speech was slurred and she smelled of alcohol. Another deputy was called to the scene to take the preliminary breath test. The woman was taken to the Sheriff’s Department; her BAC registered as .060 and .057.


Theft by taking

Jan. 17 – A Richmond Hill resident said there was more than one alleged offender on his property, taking abandoned vehicles. The man said he saw two vehicles pulling trailers down George Oliver Road. The deputies drove down the road and reportedly saw two men standing by the back of an F-150 with a trailer attached to it. They said they were collecting scrap metal and both said they didn’t know who the property belonged to. Another woman in a Blazer was stopped when she turned down the road; she said she was coming to the property to meet her boyfriend. The two men were read their rights and the case was turned over to a detective. The complainant said he was missing numerous vehicles and about $400 worth of scrap metal from his property.


Theft by taking

Jan. 18 – A Blue Gill Road resident said his boat was in place the night before, but was missing when the complainant arrived home from school the next day. The complainant did not know who could’ve taken the boat.


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