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Bryan County Sheriff's Office reports for Jan. 19-20
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The following information was taken from reports filed by the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office:

Jan. 19

Accidental knife cut — The BCSO responded to a report of a male sustaining an accidental knife cut at a residence on Kelly Davis Road in Richmond Hill.

The male at the address told a deputy that he accidentally cut his left arm when he was shaving his hair on the arm to see how sharp the knife was. He admitted to the deputy that he had alcohol before the incident. The male had his left arm wrapped in a blue towel secured with tape.

Bryan County Emergency Management Services arrived and bandaged the man’s arm.

The deputy also spoke with another male there who had a superficial cut on his left arm. He said he first attempted to find out how sharp the knife was by cutting his arm hair, but accidentally cut his arm. He said that the first male then got the knife, said “That knife ain’t that sharp,” and tried to cut his own arm hair, but made too deep of a cut.

EMS took the first male to an area health-care facility.


Jan. 20

Matter of record, theft — A BCSO was dispatched to the JCB heavy-equipment sale on Wilma Edward Road in Ellabell to investigate an alleged theft.

The complainant said that sometime during the night, two batteries valued at $250 apiece were stolen from one of the tractors. He was provided with a case number.


Damage to property — The complainant said the offender caused damage to a fuel pump at an address on Highway 17 in Richmond Hill when he filled up his vehicle with gas and then drove off with the pump nozzle still in the car.

The offender came back to the store to return the nozzle. He told the store clerk that he wasn’t going to report the incident to his insurance company, that he knew from experience in the fuel industry that replacing a nozzle is a “very easy fix,” and that he was not going to pay for damages.

When the complainant went to call the BCSO to make a report, the offender left the store.

The responding deputy called the offender, who corroborated the complainant’s story. He also said he is in the store every day and would talk to the store manager the next morning about the cost of replacing the nozzle.

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