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Bryan County Sheriff's Office reports for Feb. 5-8
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The following information was taken from reports by the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office:

Feb. 5

Damage to property — Deputies went to investigate a report of an unresponsive male lying in the yard of a Walker Road residence. Upon arrival, deputies found the male alert but intoxicated, and he made his way into his daughter’s residence.

The male’s daughter said he wrecked his car in her yard, but she didn’t want to file a report. The car was left in her yard where he hit a tree.

The daughter said he lost his brother in a recent fire, as well as two other family members in the days following the fire, and has been drinking himself to death. The male was airlifted to Memorial University Medical Center.

The incident was reported by the responding officer for a matter of record.


Feb. 7

Verbal dispute — Deputies went to Waterways RV Park on Highway 17 in Richmond Hill in response to a report of a verbal dispute. A deputy made contact with a male who was sitting in front of a camper, with several scrapes on his face because he rolled down a hill and hit his face on a concrete boat ramp.

The male refused medical treatment, but appeared to be intoxicated. He said he had been outside because his girlfriend would not let him inside the camper.

The girlfriend told a deputy the boyfriend got drunk, and the RV park owners helped him into the camper’s bed. The boyfriend began arguing with the park owners. The park owners told him to leave the park. The girlfriend said she locked the door when the boyfriend walked out of the camper and refused to let him back in. She said that was when he got verbally abusive.

The boyfriend had sobered up, and the girlfriend said she would let him in if the park owners would let him stay. The deputy said he would talk to the owners, but he couldn’t make the boyfriend leave because the boyfriend had not committed a crime.

One of the park’s owners said they were all out by the fire pit having a few drinks when the boyfriend lost his balance, rolled down the hill and hit his face on a concrete boat ramp. The co-owner confirmed that the boyfriend argued with him while he helped him into the camper, but would let him stay since he was no longer intoxicated.

The deputy told the boyfriend that if he continued to get drunk and cause problems, he would be made to leave and be served with a criminal-trespass warning.


Feb. 8

Point a gun/pistol at another — A deputy went to a residence on Black Creek Church Road in Ellabell for a report of someone point a gun at the driver of a vehicle.

The complainant said he was traveling on Black Creek Church Road when his vehicle ran out of fuel, causing him to pull into a driveway. He said the alleged offender came to the vehicle and said the complainant was blocking the driveway. The complainant said he responded that he was on a county right of way, not blocking a driveway. He said the discussion escalated to the point that the alleged offender went back into his house and came out with a rifle, pointed it in his direction and told him to leave.

The complainant said that he has a weapons permit and “I would have killed him” if he had his weapon with him.

The officer then saw the alleged offender sitting on his porch. He didn’t have a rifle, but had a pistol at his side. He said he went to the complainant’s vehicle to see if he was out of gas when three males got out and yelled threats. The alleged offender admitted to getting his rifle, but said he did not point it at anyone. He also said he had pictures on his phone showing the complainant’s vehicle blocking the majority of the driveway.

The complainant requested a report and was advised of the warrant-application process.

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