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Blotters for Dec. 22-27

The following information was taken from reports from the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office and Pembroke Police Department:

Dec. 22

Agency assist — PPD was called to assist BCSO deputies with the search for a gun believed to be near a residence on Ruby Drive in Pembroke. While searching the porch, a PPD officer heard screaming and yelling coming from outside the residence. The PPD officer looked out the porch, saw a fight going on and ran to the scene.

A PPD officer was on the ground trying to break up an altercation between two females. The PPD officer who ran from the porch began pulling people away from another fight containing about 40 people that was beginning.  The officer’s cellphone was damaged in the incident. The crowd went across the street, but still seemed angry and was yelling; the officer stood at the end of the driveway to prevent anyone from entering and creating more problems.

Another PPD officer, who was bleeding from the arm, was holding down a female. She was handcuffed and taken to a patrol car. She was transported to the Bryan County Jail.  


Dec. 23

Theft by Taking, Under $1,500 — A PPD officer went to Quick Stop for a report of a stolen wallet.

The wallet’s owner said he thought he accidentally left his wallet at the store when making a purchase there. Video surveillance showed the wallet’s owner placing his wallet on the counter while making the purchase. Another customer comes up to the counter for a purchase, but is shown putting his wallet over the other wallet to conceal it, then sliding the wallets off the counter and leave the store.

The store manager, who showed the officer the footage, said he knows the suspect and that he lives at the Old Mill Apartments. The officer made contact there with the suspect, who produced the wallet and said he intended to turn it in. However, he didn’t answer when asked by the officer why he didn’t turn the wallet over to the store clerk.

The suspect was detained and taken to the Bryan County Jail. The wallet was returned to its owner, who said nothing was missing from it.


Dec. 27

Discharging firearm within city limits; aggravated assault (gun); possession of a firearm by a convicted felon — An eyewitness told a PPD officer about a shooting that took place on Williams Road. The eyewitness, who was working on a skill saw on his front porch, saw a couple walking to his house from Singleton Lane. A black car pulled into his driveway, and the female got inside. According to the eyewitness, the male said, “You are not going nowhere,” pulled a gun out of his jacket and shot the female. The eyewitness said the female told the driver to go to the hospital. Meanwhile, the shooter ran into the woods.

PPD was later informed that a female with a gunshot had come to Evans Memorial Hospital.

The case was turned over to a detective.


Matter of record — A complainant told the BCSO that her westiepoo got out of the house on Haligh Lane in Ellabell, and was attacked by German shepherds and a Rottweiler when she entered a yard on Creekside Circle. The westiepoo later died because of the injuries it sustained.

A BCSO deputy spoke with a neighbor of the dogs’ owners, a couple who recently had started living in the area. The neighbor said he’d never noticed the dogs being aggressive toward people.

The deputy was unable to make contact with the owners, who were on vacation.

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