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BCSD called when woman refuses to make car payment
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Civil Matter

June 25 – A deputy responded to an argument between two people over the sale of a vehicle. The seller of the car said he had sold a vehicle to a woman for $400 and agreed that she would pay him $100 a month for four months.

The man said the buyer had given him $100 the first month but had not paid anything else for the past three months.

The man said he wanted deputies to go to the woman’s house and bring the vehicle back to him. The deputy made contact with the woman who said she was not going to give the vehicle back and that she would not pay the man because the vehicle had several problems when she received it.

Neither the man nor the woman had the proper paperwork showing the vehicle registered in either of their names. The man said he bought the vehicle from the man who is listed on the registration but said at the time he could not produce a proper bill of sale.

Both parties were informed that this was a civil matter and were explained magistrate court procedures.

Harassing Telephone Calls

June 26 – A deputy responded to the area of Powers Circle in Ellabell in response to a complaint of harassing phone calls. The complainant told the deputy that earlier in the month she had received vulgar messages on her home answering machine but because of their profane nature she erased them so that her kids wouldn’t hear them.

The woman said that several days after the first incident she received vulgar messages on her cell phone and then days later on her work voice mail. The woman said she decided to report the phone calls before they became an issue at her place of employment.

The complainant identified the woman as a former employee of her husband’s who had been released from the job late in 2006.

The woman said there was not a problem with the former employee until the first messages were left early in June.

The complainant did have the messages on her cell phone saved and the deputy listened to two of the messages; both contained very explicit statements about the complainant and her husband.

The complainant was advised on warrant procedures.

Information taken from Bryan County Sheriff's Department reports .


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