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Police reports
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Stolen property
July 14 – An Ellabell woman told deputies that a juvenile roommate stole a digital camera and cash from her bedroom. She said she was sure of who did it because he stole from her before to support his drug habit.
She said he previously stole the following items from the home: speakers, a bottle of hydrocodone, shrimp and crab from the freezer and a $180 pair of sunglasses.

Theft by taking
July 9 – An Ellabell man said he came home to his residence on Clarence Smith Road to find that someone had taken his swimming pool pump, valued at $150. A neighbor told deputies about an individual she saw at the residence while the homeowner was out. The matter is being investigated.

July 8 – Deputies were dispatched to a home on Steve Bulloch Road in Pembroke, where a woman stated that two televisions were stolen from her parents’ house. It was noted that the dead bolt on one of the doors to the home was damaged.

Counterfeit money
July 8 – The store manager at the Ellabell Zip-N reportedly received a counterfeit $10 bill from a customer. He was not sure which customer had passed the bill as it the phony bill was discovered at closing the previous night.

July 5 – The store owner at the El Cheapo in Ellabell showed deputies surveillance video of a woman entering his store, grabbing a 12-pack of Bud Lite, entering the restroom and allegedly emptying the cans into her “oversized pocket book”. Additional footage showed her entering the store an hour and a half later and doing the same thing.

False report of a crime
July 5 – An Ellabell man called deputies to his residence on Creek Side Circle to report a “hit and run”. The man told the Deputy Cleveland White that a pickup truck struck him while trying to pass him. Deputy White reported that the man was intoxicated and further questioning ended up with the man admitting to drunk driving and causing the damage himself. He was arrested and taken to jail.

Disorderly conduct
July 5 – Deputies were dispatched to a residence on Hopeful Acres in Pembroke on a domestic dispute call. A couple was found outside the residence cursing at each other. Deputies reportedly observed the man punch the woman in the face and kick her while she was on the ground. Both were taken to jail and charged with disorderly conduct.

Verbal dispute
July 4 – Deputies were called to break up a verbal dispute that a male and female were having on Cypressbay Loop Road in regard to who a cell phone belonged to. Both were asked to stop arguing, but the man reportedly continued to holler insults at the woman. He was arrested for public drunkenness and obstruction.

July 2 – Deputy Paul Marlatt photographed graffiti, suspected to be gang related, on a street sign and the roadway on Strickland Street and Jones Street in Pembroke. Marlatt noted that “this paint appears to be by the same type of paint used for graffiti on Williams Road and the outside basketball court off Williams Road.”


July 16 – An officer was sent to Love’s Truck Stop at about 1:30 a.m. because a truck driver’s gas card had been declined.
“Upon arrival, I was met by the manager and clerk of Love’s, as well as the caller (the truck driver,” the officer reported. “(The driver) stated he drives trucks for (a South Carolina-based trucking firm). He stated that he swiped the company gas card at the pump, and after it was accepted, he proceeded to pump $275 worth of gas. When the clerk swiped the card, it came back declined. (The driver) stated he had no control over money transferred onto the card, but that he could call his boss in the morning to get the issue resolved.”
After some discussion, the store manager agreed to accept a photocopy of the driver’ s license with the promise the driver would call his boss and get the matter taken care of. The store manager wanted a report filed in case the driver didn’t follow through on his end of the bargain, the report noted.

July 11 – After being dispatched to Kroger at about 2 p.m., an officer met with a Rincon woman who told him the following: (The woman) advised that she pulled up to a pump and filled her gas tank up and went to leave the parking lot,” the officer reported. “As she was leaving the parking lot a citizen waved her down advising that she was spilling fuel out from underneath her van.”
The woman told the officer she pulled up to a curb and got her kids out of the van. She said she ran over a big limb on Hwy. 80 in Eden two days earlier, but hadn’t realized it had caused damage to the van. The fire department responded and cleaned up the spill. The woman was able to get her husband to tow the van home. She was given a case number.

July 10 – A Florida man allegedly spotted sleeping in the Love’s Truck Stop parking lot was arrested for public drunkenness a little after midnight. An officer reportedly found the man sleeping next to a curb – he had a blanket – surrounded by several empty beer ans. While officers were checking the man’s license information through dispatch, he allegedly picked up one of the beer cans and threw it across the grass. He was asked to pick up the can and did so, the report said, then “poured out what was left of the beer in that an out, collected his trash and tied it up in a plastic shopping bag.” The man was “clearly intoxicated,” the report said. He was arrested.

July 10 – An officer was sent to Plantation Apartments at about 6 p.m., where he met a Richmond Hill woman who said someone had punctured three tires on her car while she was at the complex visiting friends. The woman told the officer she didn’t know who was responsible and didn’t want to press charges but did want a report for her insurance company.

July 9 – An officer sent to the KOA regarding a “’forged car title,’” reported the following encounter with a Savannah woman:
“Upon my arrival, I spoke with (the complainant). She advised me that she had spent nine days in the Bryan County Jail and had been released approximately three months ago. She stated that her daughter … had possession of her vehicle while she was incarcerated. She then advised me that she ‘was anointed with the oil of God’ and ‘when that happens you can stay up for three or four days because of the adrenaline.’”
The officer reportedly then asked the woman if she had anything with the car’s VIN or tag number on it.
“She began searching through boxes, looked at a road atlas, and stated ‘that looks like that clay I picked up. I’m glad you were hear to ear witness. It’s a sign from God.’”
The officer reported he then asked the woman for her license but she told him she left it at a Savannah pawn shop – and when he asked if she knew her license number she told him it had been suspended.
“I asked (the woman) for her name and pertinent information,” the officer wrote. “She then asked me my name. I told her and she began staring at me and asked, ‘Are you CNT?’ I advised her I was not CNT. I then asked for her daughter’s information. All she could furnish was her daughter’s name and an unknown address (in Savannah). (The woman) then stated that her vehicle is a 2003 Ford Mustang and advised me she needs it back because it’s ‘an antique and authentic’ and ‘if God calls me I need to be able to do my duty.’ This is the only vehicle information she could give me.”
The woman was given a case number.

July 9 – A Florida man reported that around 11 a.m. he was driving north on I-95 between mile markers 88 and 90 when he lost control of his Mercedes Benz SLK320  and spun into the median near I-95 South. The man said he drove to the Quality Inn on Hwy. 17 to call police and get a report for his insurance company. The officer complied, noting damage to the front bumper and lower lights.

July 14 – An officer was sent to a Landing Way address at about 10:30 p.m. regarding a complaint of an animal running loose. There, he heard from the complainant that she was walking her dog when a dog approached. “The dog ran toward them barking and was not restrained on a leash, nor was it in a fence,” the report said.
The officer contacted the loose dog’s owner – a woman who allegedly had been issued a warning for “animal running at large,” by the same officer earlier in the evening because of a complaint from someone else in the neighborhood.
“During the second encounter, (the woman) did not take the situation seriously and stated ‘she just didn’t like her neighbors,’” the report said. The woman also allegedly refused to cooperate with the officer’s attempt to cite her for not having her dog fenced in or on a leash. “She eventually signed the citation, but refused to provide her social security number (citing the privacy act of 1972),” the report said.
She was given a court date and the complainant was subpoenaed. She reportedly also opted not to give her social security number.

Domestic violence
July 9 – An officer reported he was approached at about 10:20 p.m. at Clyde’s Store by a Richmond Hill woman who said she was having an issue with her husband. She ultimately decided against prosecuting.

July 9 – A Richmond Hill couple was arrested after the pair allegedly got into a fight at about 8:30 p.m. Both had signs of injury and were charged with simple battery.

July 12 – An officer was sent to Glazer’s Pub around 12:30 a.m. regarding an entering auto. There, he was told by a woman that her GPS unit and an IPod were missing. The woman told the officer she locked her doors before going into Glazer’s, but there was no sign of forced entry, the report noted.

July 11 – An officer was sent to Beef ‘O’ Brady’s at around 11:51 a.m. regarding an entering auto. The officer was told a man illegally entered a car parked in the restaurant’s lot, then ran away and threw his shirt into a dumpster after he was confronted. It was unclear if anything had been taken from the car.

July 8 – A Nelson Drive resident reported her car had been entered overnight and a GPS unit taken. The woman said her husband’s car had been entered as well, but nothing had been stolen. The woman reportedly said she had left her car unlocked.

July 3-7 – A Laurel Street woman reported someone took a speaker and amp from her SUV.

Traffic offenses

July 13 – A Savannah man driving an older model Chevrolet pickup was pulled over at about 6:40 p.m. on Harris Trail at Turtle Drive for a bundle of alleged traffic offenses ranging from improper U-Turn to wrong tag, no headlights and failing to yield to an emergency vehicle. According to the reporting officer, the driver also didn’t have insurance. He was cited, the vehicle was towed.

July 14 – A Richmond Hill woman was stopped around 10:15 a.m. near Kroger on Hwy. 144 when an officer ran a check the tag of the van she was driving and it reportedly came back expired. What’s more, the van allegedly didn’t have valid insurance. The woman, who allegedly “became irate screaming obscenties”  was cited for not having insurance and warned about the expired tag. Her van was towed. The officer’s report said he offered her “a ride and she stated no she had a W.I.C. appointment with her son.

July 14 – An officer running raider on Hwy. 17 near the Hampton Inn reportedly spotted a Toyota running at “what appeared to be a high rate of speed.” The officer then proceeded to clock the driver going 61 mph in the 45 zone, the report said, and pulled her over. Her license was checked and the officer reportedly leaned she was wanted in Hinesville, so she was arrested. Her car was parked in the TA truck stop so a friend could pick it up.

July 14  -- At about 2:40 p.m. an officer driving north on I-95 near mile marker 91 spotted a broken down Monte Carlo. The officer pulled over and talked to the driver, a Savannah man who reportedly said his friend was driving and the friend went with his mother to get oil and water for the car at Wal-Mart.
The officer then asked for a driver’s license and “(the man) could not provide a license nor registration but had an insurance card,” the report said, further noting that after allegedly telling the officer a number of different stories, the man admitted he’d been driving and was on his way to see his probation officer. He didn’t have a license, the wrong tag was on the car and he didn’t have insurance. The car was towed and a friend showed up to give the man a ride home.

July 15 – More from I-95: An officer patrolling southbound near mile marker 89 at about 2:43 a.m. stopped a Ford Explorer because it allegedly had a temporary tag that had expired May 21. What’s more, the driver, a Pennsylvania man, reportedly not only couldn’t produce a license, proof of insurance or bill of sale, but there was also a 3-year-old boy “not properly restrained” in the back seat. It also turned out there was an arrest warrant out for the man, the report said. He was arrested and the SUV, which did have valid insurance, was turned over to a passenger with a license.

July 15 – An officer patrolling north on Hwy. 17 at about 4:50 p.m. reportedly spotted a Nissan Maxima with an expired tag near the KOA, so he pulled it over. “The driver advised me that his license (was) suspended and that he did not have any insurance on the vehicle,” the incident report said. “The driver gave me a GA ID card that identified him as …. I ran the ID through GCIC and determined the driver’s license (was) suspended on 2/02/2007 and served on 8/22/2007. I ran a driver’s history and determined the driver had a prior conviction for driving while license suspended in 2007 and a prior conviction of no insurance in 2007.”
The man, who gave police a Midway address, was arrested. While waiting on a tow truck, the officer inventoried the car’s belongings and allegedly found a pipe containing a small amount of green marijuana. The man was cited for that, as well as expired tag, driving with a suspended license, second offense, and no insurance, second offense.

July 16 – A Fleming man was charged with DUI after he was pulled over on Hwy. 17 at about 1 a.m. because an officer allegedly spotted his pickup weaving. “The vehicle would move out across the fog line, into the paved shoulder, and almost out into the grass portion of the shoulder,” the report said. The driver allegedly failed field sobriety tests and blew a .160 and .158 when tested at RHPD.

July 7 – An officer reportedly clocked a newer model Nissan Maxima with Florida plates going  89 mph on I-95 south near Exit 87. After he was pulled over, the driver “stated he just didn’t realize he was traveling that fast,” the report said.
The man, who gave a Florida address, told police he didn’t have a driver’s license and provided them with a copy of a Virginia ID and a car rental agreement. His passenger had a valid license and the man had no criminal history. He was arrested for driving while license suspended and speeding. His girlfriend posted his bond.

July 7 – An officer patrolling Hwy. 17 at I-95 reportedly spotted a car headed north on 17 with an expired Florida tag decal, so a traffic stop ensued. The driver’s license was allegedly suspended for failing to pay traffic tickets from last year. The man was arrested for expired tag and suspended license.

July 11 – An officer reported he pulled over a car on Hwy. 17 near Mulberry Drive  because it had a defective brake light and a cracked windshield. The driver, who gave a Hardeeville, S.C. address, allegedly didn’t have a license and was arrested. The car was towed.

July 10 – An officer pulled over an SUV on Ivey Street near Dogwood Avenue at 10:49 p.m. for “an inoperative” brake light, a report said.
The driver reportedly told the officer she had left her license at home, but a check showed it had been suspended in December, 2003. She was arrested.

July 10 – An officer patrolling Hwy. 17 near Harris Trail shortly before noon allegedly spotted a driver take a left without using a turn signal. After a traffic stop, the man was arrested for not having a valid license, not using a turn signal and having defective equipment.

July 10 – It was raining when an officer patrolling Hwy. 17 near Hwy. 144 at approximately 10:30 a.m. reported he saw a car in front of him without its headlights on “in the rain as required by GA law.”
The officer stopped the driver, who has an Ohio address, and allegedly found the man didn’t have a license. He was taken to Bryan County Jail.

July 10 – An officer patrolling Hwy. 17 near Hobart around 7:30 a.m. reported he ran a license plate check on a car in front of him through dispatch and learned it didn’t have valid insurance. A traffic stop followed.
“I approached the driver and asked for her license and insurance,” the officer wrote. “I then recognized the driver and realized that I had just served her with suspended license approximately a month prior.”
The woman, who gave a Richmond Hill address, was charged with no insurance and driving on a suspended license. She was taken to Bryan County Jail.

July 9 – At about 6 p.m. an officer stopped a car on Hwy. 17 near Ford Avenue for running a red light. The woman, who had a Rincon address, allegedly gave the officer an expired insurance card and told him she didn’t have a license. Her car was towed. She was arrested.

July 5 – At roughly 1 a.m., a man was reportedly spotted driving on the wrong side of Hwy. 17 near the A1 Motel. Police said the man, who gave police a Savannah address, was driving south on Hwy. 17 North, and his car allegedly fit the description of a vehicle that may have been involved in an earlier collision. He was pulled over and handcuffed and police reportedly found damage to his car. Later, he blew a .296 and .281 – more than three times over the legal limit of .08.
Domestic dispute

June 29 – Police responded to 911 hang up from a room at Motel 6. Officer Brian Nessmith interviewed a couple that was staying there. The two admitted getting into an argument, but both denied dialing 911.
The man said the argument started when he got back to the room from an orientation day at his new job and found his fiancé “passed out drunk”. He said she had pawned his golf clubs earlier and that day and she was supposed to return a tent and air mattress to Wal Mart in order to get money for food and to pay the room.

Public drunkenness
June 27 – Police were dispatched to the Smokin Pig after reports that a man urinated in front of the restaurant. Officer Ruben Acosta arrived and found the man inside a nearby gas station. Acosta arrested the man for public drunkenness.

Domestic violence
June 27 – Police responded to Motel 6 where a woman told police “that she was at a store and believes that her child’s father followed her back to the room.”
The woman told police her husband appeared while she was at the ice machine, grabbed her by the throat and threatened to kill her.

Feuding neighbors
May 14 – One neighbor accused the other of video taping the other on Summer Hill Court. Accusations were also made about one neighbor “continually walking her dog back and forth” in front of the other home as part of an ongoing feud.
A report several days indicates the two female neighbors have been feuding for months but not state was started their differences.
On May 12, according to the police report, one of the women stood in her driveway, broke a gardening tool in half “and began walking toward her neighbor while shouting obscenities in both English and Spanish.” The remarks reportedly included death threats and warnings to stay off her property.
The officer declared it a case of she said versus she said and advised the complainant to see the magistrate judge if she wished to pursue charges.

Drugs found
May 12 – An employee at Sommer’s Oil called police after seeing a clear plastic bag containing “what appeared to be crack cocaine” lying in the ditch in front of his workplace. The officer reportedly placed the substance into the evidence locker and marked it to be destroyed.

Terroristic threats
May 10 – A woman on Bark Branch Road called police, saying her ex-husband told her “he was watching her and would cut any man’s throat that he found at her house.” While at the house, Officers Wendell Jarrell and Ricky Bashlor heard the phone ring and the woman put it on speaker.
The male on the phone state “I am coming.” The woman asked “where?” and he replied “to your house and I hope he is there … It’s coming. It’s coming like a storm.”
 The ex reportedly hung up after hearing a police radio. The officers went to the ex-husband’s house, who denied making the calls, and warned him of the consequences of attacking someone.

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