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Pembroke resident reported missing
Recovery operations continued Tuesday at sugar refinery
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Pembroke man Byron Singleton is among the missing after the Feb. 7 explosion at the Imperial Sugar Refinery in Port Wentworth, according to family members and friends.

Singleton, 26, was reportedly working at the refinery on the night of the blast. His status remained unclear on Tuesday.

At least two people were still missing Tuesday, according to both the Associated Press and CNN.

On Monday, Jim Anderson, director of Emergency Services in Bryan County, said crews were working hard to put the fires out. He was still in Port Wentworth on Tuesday and could not be reached for additional updates.

"We did bring over the emergency mobile command vehicle this weekend and the Atlanta emergency response team is working out of it, as well as the Chatham Metro Police," he said. "I was telling them we’ve only had it for two weeks, so it came in just in time."

The Savannah Fire Department’s helicopter did water drops over the explosion site on Monday afternoon, but there were still fires reportedly burning on Tuesday.

In addition, several firefighters from Bryan County spent the weekend helping fight the fires at the refinery.

South Bryan Fire Chief Mike Smith said both the north and south divisions went out to relieve Port Wentworth firefighters.

"There were eight of us that went to the refinery on Saturday night and it was basically just Bryan County out there to give them a break. Some also went out on Sunday and they took the new emergency mobile command vehicle, which Jim Anderson has over there now," Smith said. "I think the fires are getting to the point where they’re winding down right now. But they do still have some burning because of collapsed silos. Last I heard, they will be doing some precision drops of water and sand for the areas that are too unstable for the firefighters to enter."

The Associated Press and CNN both reported the confirmed death toll to be six people. The sixth body was found Sunday evening in some of the wreckage. No information about the identities of those killed has been released.


-Reporter Mindy Boyette contributed to this story.



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