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Peace officers donate to BCHS prom
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The Peace Officers Association of Georgia (POAG) and Canoochee EMC recently presented Bryan County High School’s Junior class with a $2,500 grant towards their 2008 prom.

Since 2002, the POAG has been partnering with local high schools throughout Georgia in promoting and sponsoring alcohol free prom night. In order to qualify for the grant, the class planned and carried out a week of activities centered on how they planned and promoted an alcohol free prom night.

"The week of events are overwhelmingly successful since they are planned and carried out by the students," said John Conley, the Secretary/Treasurer of POAG. "We are excited to be able to assist the students at BCHS with their prom. This school is the sixth of eight grants we will award statewide this year."

According to Conley, throughout the years, POAG has contacted area law enforcement around the schools and to date no violations involving alcohol or drugs have been reported on prom night in the area were activities were sponsored. POAG also has officers attend the proms as chaperons.

"We want our young people to have positive images of law enforcement as well as learn it does not pay to drink and drive," said Conley.

Canoochee EMC partnered with POAG to provide the grant to BCHS. The students are required to provide matching funds for the grant.

"This is a great program and we are very thankful and honored as a school to receive the grant," said BCHS Principal Harold Roach. "I hope everyone has a fun and safe time at the prom."

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