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Officials say theyve found positive spin on housing
County, city holding a conference Thursday for the community to discuss recent positives in real e
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While the housing market may have people worried, at least one real estate investor thinks Bryan County is one of the top five places to buy a home in America.

Danielle Babb, whose web site describes her as a real estate expert, was recently interviewed on the Cavuto Fox News show, where she provided her list of the top five best places to purchase a home in the country. In response to the interview, Bryan County Commission Chairman Jimmy Burnsed and Richmond Hill Mayor Richard Davis are holding a news conference Thursday at 10:30 a.m. in City Hall Chambers.

"We want to share with all builders and developers, realtors and members of the community what was on that show," Davis said. "Danielle Babb had a short program where she named the top five places in the country to live and buy a home and Richmond Hill, Bryan County, was number three out of the five."

Davis said he and the county figured most people in the community hadn’t caught the interview, so they wanted to "put it on the big screen and make sure everyone knows about it."

"This will encourage everyone that things are going to get better," he said.

Burnsed agreed, noting there’s been too much bad news about real estate and it’s time to finally hear something good.

"We want this out in our community, as well as other communities," he said. "It’s time to have a positive spin on what’s really happening. This is the first positive I’ve seen in a while."

Burnsed said in light of recent information about property values in Bryan County, the county and city looked at the 42 closings that happened in Richmond Hill in May and liked what they saw.

"It’s been pretty impressive with what’s been taking place and we’d like to get that information out to everybody. A lot of folks are thinking it’s a dead market and they need to negotiate lower prices – but I don’t think homes are selling for less than what they’re worth," he said. "Those 42 sales in the month of May are proof, I think, that prices are where they should be."


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