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Moore elected to Pembroke council
DianeMoore PemElections

Officials elected during a November general election usually have nearly two months to get used to the idea before they take office.

Diane Moore didn’t even get an entire day.

The retired educator was elected to Pembroke City Council on Tuesday, when she beat fellow challenger Tommy Strickland by a 53-27 margin in a special called election to replace Tony Greeson as the District 3 representative.

Fifteen hours later, Moore was sworn in and got copies of a number of city policy manuals Wednesday afternoon. She’s also been emailed about meetings she needs to attend.

"I’ve got a lot of studying to do," she said. "But If I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it right."

Moore, a Georgia native who has lived in Pembroke for 30 years and started the city’s Christmas Parade, hasn’t put together a list of priorities yet, she said, because she wants to know how things really work.

"Sometimes, when we’re on the outside we see things one way and we really don’t understand everything that goes into decisions," she said.

But Moore does believe the issues facing Pembroke are largely quality of life -- such as maintaining responsible growth, providing services and keeping younger residents from moving away.

"For so many years Pembroke was just a small town that didn’t grow," she said. "Now it is and that presents challenges. We have people who need services and we have got to be able to provide them. We also have to promote the city while maintaining the quality of life."

Moore, who is married and has three kids, said her faith is important to her. And she said her background as an educator will help her deal with her constituents.

"I’ve got a listening ear," she said.

But Moore also noted she plans on being her own woman.

"If anybody thinks I’m in anybody’s pocket, I’m not," she said. "Anyone who knows me knows that I stand up for what I believe in, that I’ll do the research and then I’ll vote my gut and do what the good Lord leads me to do."

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