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Going green in Afghanistan
Bryan Countys own helps Army reuse equipment
Staff Sgt. Norman Morse is the 233rds non-commissioned officer in charge of processing at the Bagram Air Field sorting yard. He and his team organizes a system to better sort incoming containers. Units from the 113th Sustainment Brigade, like the 233rd, are some of the first units to begin setting conditions for the responsible drawdown of U.S. forces in Afghanistan. - photo by Courtesy of the U.S. Army

BAGRAM AIR FIELD, Afghanistan — Spc. James Clayton wants you to think about your local recycling center back home.
Only this recycling center is probably bigger than what you have in mind. This recycling center doesn’t just have newspapers, glass bottles and smashed soda cans. This yard contains millions of dollars in vital equipment that is ready to be put back, “recycled,” into the U.S. Army’s system for use by soldiers here or in other bases around the world.
“Sometimes we get to see some really interesting things,” said Clayton, a native of Pembroke. “Every now and then you come across something that you’ll never see in your Army career, simply because your specific job doesn’t use it.”
On his fourth deployment in seven years, Clayton’s unit, the 233rd Transportation Company, has participated in two separate missions and Clayton has been stationed at various forward operating bases, making this a very unique deployment for them all.
“When we first deployed, we were stationed at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait,” said the all-wheeled vehicle driver. “My unit was running missions back and forth from Iraq, assisting with the complete drawdown.
“Once our Iraq mission was completed, we got the order to move to Afghanistan,” said Clayton.
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