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Men break into store, steal beer
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The Zip-N on Hwy. 204 in Ellabell was allegedly broken into by three people Monday, Aug. 13.

Bryan County Sheriff Department’s Cpl. Paul Motes and Sgt. Rick Hughes showed up just before midnight to find the Zip-N’s front door glass shattered, the police report said.

Motes and Hughes cleared the building and waited for one of the store’s key holders.

Once a key holder had arrived, security camera tapes filled in the blanks.

The report described the three people as Hispanic, driving a red Ford E-250 or E-350 van.

With the help of a sledgehammer, they busted through the front door glass and one of the suspects then entered the store, the report said.

Ignoring the register, the suspect already knew exactly what he wanted, and removed two cases of beer from the cooler.

The two cases of Budweiser were estimated to equal $38 worth of stolen property.

According to the report, Motes and Hughes notified Det. David Ellis, of the Bryan County Sheriff’s Department, of the alleged burglary.

"They are on tape, and we have some pretty good photos," said Ellis. "I passed them out and emailed them to local agencies in Bulloch and Liberty, to see if they could help us identify them."

No one has come up with anything at this time, he said. Ellis said he believes the men were already intoxicated at the time of the burglary.

Motes and Hughes could not be reached for comment on Friday.

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