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Meet Katie Bergsmith
Katie Bergsmith

How long have you lived in Richmond Hill?
I’ve lived here for 12 years. We moved here when my dad was stationed here in the military.

Where did you live before?
I was born in Kansas and then we moved to Illinois and then to Iowa – then here.

What’s your impression of Richmond Hill, Georgia?
I like that it’s a small town, even though it’s amazing how much it’s growing. It’s kind of nice knowing everyone for so long, like your neighbors and the people you go to school with.

Being an RHHS senior, what’s your impression of the high school?
Overall, it’s a good school. It too has grown a lot since I’ve been there. I really feel well prepared graduating from here, and I’ve had some really cool teachers who have left a lasting impression on me.

Like who?
Like Miss (Sharon) Worsham, who I had for AP Government and AP US History. Her liberal minded views in everything have opened my mind to other things. Her classroom is an interesting atmosphere because she treats us like adults, so it’s a good learning environment. I’ll also say Miss (Regina) Tomlin, who I had for junior English. She’s such a wonderful person, and it was more about reading books with her. She brought you more into it and that was a great experience.

I know you participate in soccer and cross country. When did you start playing soccer?
I started out when I was five. Up until then, I had done ballet, tap and jazz, but I wasn’t coordinated enough for that. Ever since then, I’ve played at least two seasons per year. I’ve played rec soccer, Select soccer in Savannah and Richmond Hill, and indoor soccer in the winter.

Do you plan on playing college ball?
No, I don’t. I thought about it, but it takes a lot of time. I plan on going into veterinary medicine, which requires eight years of a hard curriculum, which leaves me little time to spare for extracurricular activities.

What has athletics done for you?
It has made me a more driven person because I’ve always had something to work for. In cross country, for example, I always wanted to get that number seven or number six position to have your points count or even just beat your personal best. Soccer is such a team sport that I now find that I work well in a group. I love it because my teammates are like my family, and it’s a great atmosphere. I’ve played with the same girls since U-12.

What other interests do you have?
Sports and school pretty much consume my time, but I’ve also worked for 204 Animal Hospital for the past couple years. I started in the kennel and worked my way up to veterinary technician to where now I get to do some of the cool hands-on stuff like help with surgeries. It has showed me that I really do want to become a vet. It has exposed me to a lot of the harder situations I have to go through. I’m glad I’m exposed to them now so I know realistically what I’m getting into. When I was younger, I used to watch the show Emergency Vets on Animal Planet and play vet on all my stuffed animals. That’s kind of where it started. I love animals and I’ve always been drawn to science, so it was a natural fit.

Do you have your sights set on any particular college?
I’ve been accepted to Auburn University and Georgia College and State in Milledgeville. I applied to the University of Georgia, but I won’t know until April 1. I really, really would like to go to Auburn, but I have to wait and see if some scholarships work out because it’s a very expensive school.
Do you have a favorite musical group you listen to?
I listen to pretty much everything, but my all-time favorites are Dave Mathews Band and John Mayer.

What’s your favorite TV show?
I have two – Gossip Girls and Lost.

Who’s your favorite Lost character?
Probably Kate because she is very independent and driven in what she wants. I think she’s a very good person on the inside despite her criminal background.

What do you think about the new season?
After two hours, I still have no idea what’s going on, but I love it. I really want to know what the DHARMA Initiative truly is. I think that would reveal a big piece to the puzzle.

Do you have a favorite movie?
I don’t have one all-time favorite, but Titanic and Pearl Harbor are up there. Being a girl, I seem to like all the chick flicks.

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