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Updated: Richmond Hill police warn of scam
Callers claim to be law enforcement, demand money
Richmond Hill police are warning residents of a scam where callers pose as law enforcement officers and claim to have an arrest warrant for intended victims unless they pay a fine.

The Richmond Hill Police Department is warning residents of a scam in which callers claiming to be law enforcement officers tell those they call they'll go to jail for outstanding warrants unless they send money to the officers.

A press release from RHPD said several residents in Richmond Hill and Bryan County have gotten the calls, "advising that unless send money to the alleged officers they will be arrested due to outstanding warrants or other charges," the release states. 

"The individuals are not connected with either the Richmond Hill Police or the Bryan County Sheriff's Department. This is a SCAM," the release continues. "Do not provide personal information to these individuals or send them money."

Instead, residents who are contacted by the scammers are asked to call either RHPD or the BCSD at 756-2626 for help. 

A Richmond Hill woman, Pamela Johnson, told the News she was called Tuesday morning “by someone saying they worked at the Bryan County Courthouse and that I had failed to report to jury duty,” she said. “(The caller said) there was a warrant out for my arrest. I could pay $940 on a pre-paid card and bring it to the courthouse or be arrested.”

Johnson instead called police and “was told I was the fourth person to today to call them,” she said.

In addition, the press release warns that calls from the number 912-506-3339 are "definitely a scam and you should not answer your phone. This has been an ongoing scam in many surrounding counties recently to include Chatham and Effingham."




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