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Report: Deputy called to look into dog fighting
crime scene

A Bryan County Sheriff's Department deputy was dispatched to a South Bryan address Thursday regarding "possible dog fighting," a report released Monday said. 

The report did not say whether the charges were substantiated or arrests were made. 

At the address near Cartertown Road, the deputy spoke with a woman who said she "was able to hear what sounded like multiple dogs whimpering, and people yelling and a sound of chains cracking," the report continued.  

The report also said a neighbor -- who wanted to remain anonymous -- saw a pickup with "multiple" pit bull puppies iin the back pull into the driveay, "and the puppies would be thrown over the fence into the back yard of (the alleged site of the dog fighting)."

The complainant, whose name was marked out on the incident report,  told the deputy the sound of barking dogs and people yelling "usually lasts about a week, then they stop for 2-3 weeks and then start back again," the report said.

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