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Repairs headed to Rushing Street
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Rushing Street residents may soon get what they’ve wanted for months: repairs to their neighborhood roads.

The Richmond Hill City Council unanimously approved Tuesday accepting $15,000 from developer Lamar Smith to repair Rushing Street’s cracked roads. The vote came during a regular meeting after a resident asked the council to take action on the matter.

Smith said he was pleased that the repairs will move forward and both sides came to an agreement.

“It’s fair to the city, fair to residents and fair to us,” he said.

Despite residents’ pleas for at least six months, nothing was been done to fix Rushing Street’s cracked roads, said Floyd Hilliard, the resident who spoke during the public comment session at the end of the council meeting. He said other subdivision residents asked him to approach the council to urge action.

In response to Hilliard’s request, council member Russ Carpenter moved to accept Smith’s $15,000 offer to the city.

The council had been negotiating with Smith over the road repairs for the past few months. In December, the council members declined a proposal from Smith to pay around $11,000 for repairs, saying they were dissatisfied with the offer.

It could cost around $30,000 to fix the roads, but City Manager Mike Melton said a more accurate estimate wouldn’t be available until bidding for the project is complete.

Melton said he wasn’t sure when the bidding for the project would start or when road repairs could commence, but that the city will proceed as soon as possible.

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