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Police reports: Wrecks, chases, man who looks like Seth Rogan
Cracked windshield

From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:


Dec. 27

An RHPD officer sent to help at a late night accident on Highway 17 found a car flipped on its passenger side and a man still inside. The man was bloody and “stuck in between the front seats of the vehicle and the windshield,” and his first words to the officer were “bleep you,” according a to a lengthy report.

“While attempting to speak with (the man) I could smell the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage … (He) did not say much when I attempted to speak with him except the phrase “bleep you” and (he) stuck up his middle finger at me,” wrote the officer.

EMS and firefighters arrived and began trying to help the driver, who apparently didn’t want it. “The fire department was finally able to cut away the front windshield of the vehicle, which allowed (the man) to crawl out of the vehicle,” the report continued. “Once he exited the vehicle (the man) stated that he was fine and tried to refuse treatment by EMS.”
But, another officer convinced the man he needed to be looked at, but once in the back of the ambulance the man became angry, then “combative,” according to the report, and cursed and threatened EMS workers while thrashing around to the point he had to be handcuffed to the bed in the ambulance.

“Based on (the man’s) actions, EMS requested that an officer ride with them for safety reasons,” the report continued. The officer complied, and “sat in the rear of the ambulance to help keep (the man) under control.”

“(He) was cursing at the EMS personnel as well as myself the entire way to the hospital and stated several times that we were lucky he was restrained and we were going to regret treating him like this … (he) tried several times to spit at the EMS personnel in the rear of the ambulance.”

Things didn’t get much better once they got the man to the hospital, either. First, he tried to leave, so hospital security had to handcuff him to a bed and sedate him.

“While they were preparing to sedate (the man), I attempted to read him his GA implied consent, but the entire time I was reading it he was screaming very loudly ‘bleep you’ over and over again. It got the point I was told by hospital staff to stop reading so they could sedate him ….”

Eventually, the man was sedated and the officer was released to finish his investigation into the accident. The vehicle the man was driving was registered to a Florida man and the tag was an temporary Georgia plate registered to someone in Rincon and had expired in September.

Additionally, a witness, an off duty state trooper, told the officer he spotted the car in Richmond Hill earlier in the day being driven ‘erratically and recklessly’ by the man in the Ways Station parking lot.

The officer noted at the end of his report the driver’s condition hindered his ability to cite the man, but he listed several pending charges, including DUI, reckless driving, operating an unregistered vehicle, no seat belt and failure to maintain lane.

Dec. 26

Around 2 a.m., RHPD officers were told Fort Stewart police were involved in a chase of a pickup whose drivers sped off on Highway 144 toward Richmond Hill after an attempt to pull him over failed.

“I advised that we could assist them by holding the intersections in our jurisdiction,” the reporting officer wrote. “Central provides an update stating that the vehicle had reached speed of 100 miles per hour plus the (pickup’s) driver had turned off all its lights and was now traveling at high rates of speed with no headlights or tail lights.”

RHPD was asked to deploy stop sticks, and an officer, who could hear the pickup coming but not see it due to its headlights being turned off, put one out on 144 near the Fort Stewart gate. The pickup struck the stop stick, flattening its front driver side tire, then the driver sped under the overpass, past the reporting officer and tried to take a left onto the on-ramp at 144 and 95.

“He was not able to make the turn … getting stuck in the muddy ditch between the on-ramp and the Exxon,” the report said. “I then observed the driver flee from the vehicle on foot towards the Parkers.”
The officer gave chase, but the man ran into woods behind Parkers, and disappeared. The department’s K-9 team was called, but after searching for about 90 minutes the search was called off. A license found in the pickup, which was towed, gave authorities a name and the next shift was notified to be on the lookout.

Dec. 27

An early morning – or late night -- incident at Waffle House generated two reports. According to the first, an officer was sent to the restaurant around 2:30 a.m. for a report of “underaged drinking inside the business.”

Once there, he talked with the complainant, a woman who said she saw a “young white male” drinking alcohol in the restaurant and employees weren’t doing anything about it. The woman told the officer she knew the guy drinking and he’d already left.

The officer then spoke to restaurant employees, who said they didn’t see anybody drinking anything “but did observe (the complainant) approach the male yelling and cursing at him. (The employees) advised that (the complainant) even followed the (alleged underaged drinker) to his vehicle as he was trying to leave, still yelling and cursing at him.”

The woman then reportedly went back into the Waffle House, asked for the manager’s phone number and then threatened to “whoop” one of the employee’s “(expletive).”

The employee felt threatened and called 911. And wanted to prosecute. Instead, as the incident unfolded, the officer also noticed the complainant being “aggressive” toward the employees and refusing to go outside or be quiet while he conducted interviews She was arrested for disorderly conduct.


Dec. 25

Around 9 p.m. on Christmas Day police were sent to a Cherokee Street address because someone was spotted prowling around a home whose occupants were away for the holiday.

Once there, the officer talked to a complainant, a neighbor, who said he was in his garage working when he saw a car pull up and a man and woman get out and “spend longer than normal time at the front door,” of the home. He gave the officer a description of both people – “the male resembled Seth Rogan,” the report said – and told him when they took so long at the front door he asked what they were doing.

The neighbor said the woman “stated that the lady that lived there was her cousin,” but that he remained suspicious because they didn’t name anyone in the house and so he told them he was calling police.

“He stated they decided to load back into their vehicle and drove away,” the officer reported, then noted that “an inspection of the front porch revealed a screen that had been pushed down and partially removed. The front glass screen door was locked but in the flower pot next to the door was what appeared to be a house key and some kind of Christmas tin ….”

On the tin was a card with the names of a man and woman, from a woman. The officer checked the tag of a vehicle in the driveway and it came back with the name of the woman who had left the tin and the key at the door. The officer left a message on her phone asking her to give him a call. He thanked the neighbor and left.

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