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New jurors to meet Tuesday
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Bryan County Clerk of Courts Rebecca G. Crowe recently drew names of those to serve as Superior Court trial jurors for the November 2011 term.
Jurors are to report at 8:15 a.m. Tuesday to the Bryan County Courthouse at 151 S. College St. in Pembroke.
Due to the possibility of cases being resolved prior to jury selection, jurors should call the clerk’s office after 5 p.m. Monday to confirm attendance is still required. No compensation will be paid to jurors unless the jury pool is actually impaneled.
For more information or to verify your mailing address, call 653-3872.
Jurors are as follows:
Lois H Adams
Stephen Adams
Cindy Albright
Mark Ashley Alderman
Linda Towne Andersen
Eugene T Anderson
Lisa Marie Anderson
Nicholas B Anderson
Teresa D Anderson
Mark Armstrong
Patricia Askew
William T Aubrey
Timothy Joseph Auger
Charlotte Webb Bacon
Pamela Roberts Baker
Mary Jeanine Ballard
Linda Anne Barker
Leroy Shannon Beasley
John Paul Bennett
Shawn Wesley Benninghoff
Heidi A Berriman
Diana P Bing
Raymond L Bishop
David Blige
Mark Boatright
David S Bowman
Keith Jamaal Bride
Keith Brooks
Janie Denise Clark Buckner
Dennis Ray Burfurd
Daniel Wallace Busbee
Jacqueline D Butler
Ricky Louis Canady
Alfred Rodrigues Canas Jr
Caroline S Cannady
Bobby Charles Carr
Brenda Marie Carr
John Anderson Cayton
James Edward Clark
Patricia Cole
Paula Denise Cook
Jennifer Leeann Corbin
Timothy Kwenton Crean
Regina Marie Crofts
Ernest Gregson Dale Jr
Ira R Davis (Buddy)
Jennifer Elise Davis
James Beecher Deloach
Billie Jean Demine
Michael Anthony Devillars
Andrea H Dixon
Laverne Dukes
Cynthia Elliott
Jerry Ennis
Thomas John Evans
Bruce Douglas Ewell
Charles J Fischer
Donna Gail Fisher
Gregory Joseph Fix
David Flynn Jr
Diane E Fordham
Madeline J Fore
Gary C Gaddy
Michelle Gaddy
Gerry Arturo Gaston
William Dale Gay Jr
Shirley Geary
Dorothy George
Deborah Blacston Giddens
Judy A Goggins
Julie Mae Gourdine
Raymond Erwin Gravley Jr
Laura M Gray
Sterling Leon Guess
Venus Sandra Dee Moore Guess
Johnnie D Hagans
Claudia J Harms
Misty Harvey
Irma Jane Hills
Theresa E Hodges
Homer L Holloway
Raby Jackson
Carolyn Laverne Jacquess
Angela Nicole Johnson
Dorothy Faye Johnson
James R Keplinger
Angela Anderson Lancaster
Nancey Lynn Lester
Michael L Mathis
Charles Alex Mccoy
Robert J Mcgrath
Selina F Miles
Gregory E Mosely
Ezra T Murchison Jr
Susan Nelson
Seth Andrew Norwood
Oscar Padgett
Terry D Page
Adehlia D Palladino
Brenda Moore Parrish
Pameal B Patterson
Ernestine Peoples
Janet Marie Pickels
James E Poppell
David W Powell
Donna Reynolds
Donald Frank Roberts
Brooks Howell Robinson
Douglas L Rodgers
Anita S Royal
Shannon Sakelarious
Leonard Sanders
Ella Renee Sauls
Linda Sauls
Miekll L Sauls
Carl E Sherman
Paul D Shives Jr
Ann Shuman
Harold B Shuman Jr
Melvin Shuman
William A Shuman Jr
Dustin Sims
Michael Wayne Sims
Tony Don Singleton Jr
David Neil Smiley
Karen J Smith
Lynda Smith
Oliver Emmitt Smith III
Donna J Stewart
Timothy Lee Stone
Thomas Michael Sullivan
Harold Raymond Taylor
Patricia Michelle Taylor
Sherry Melissa Thomson
Burton Lee Tucker
Robin K Tyler
Wiendy April Tyson
Linda Wothington Vaccaro
Lisa P Vincent
Derriell Walker
Herman Carey Walker III
Sandra Crawford Washington
Doloris Anne Waters
Damon Brantley Webb
Teia Michelle Webb
Thomas Gregory Whitt
Debra A Williams
Carole Anne Wynne
Frankie E Yawn
David M Zerbe

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