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Man reportedly shoots neighbor's dog
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A South Bryan man reportedly shot a neighbor's dog on Proman Hill road.
According to a report from the Bryan County Sheriff's Department, Stewart Bernard Smith told authorities he shot and killed his neighbor's pit bulldog Saturday.
Smith called BCSO around 4 p.m. and reported the incident, the report said. The neighbor, Aaron Howard, was not at home at the time of the incident.
Deputy Seth Strickland with BCSD spoke with Smith, who said he shot the dog because it was in his back yard.
The report said that deputies told Smith he could be charged with cruelty to animals and that decision would be left up to a Bryan County Sheriff's Office investigator.
Howard said he was cited for his dog being loose and has gotten the runaround from authorities while trying to press charges against Smith. He said he has never had a complaint about the dog.
But Smith told Strickland he believed the dog was responsible for as many as 20 dead chickens on his property during the previous week, though he had not seen the dog attack any chickens. The report said Smith told Strickland he had never known the dog to have attacked or bitten a person.
Smith also said he was tired of the dog running around and no one doing anything about it, the report said, noting the incident has been turned over to investigators.

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