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Humphreys wants strong, unified school system
Drew Humphreys
Drew Humphreys

Drew Humphreys grew up in a strong public school setting in southern Indiana and says he wants to make sure Bryan County has the same.

Humphreys is running against Karen Krupp and Audrey Singleton for Bryan County Board of Education vice chair. If no candidate receives 50 percent plus one vote, the top two finishers will face each other in a run-off election July 26.

“The perception of Bryan County schools is that they are excellent, and they are,” he said. “Our school board has set a solid foundation for my kids and I want to see that continue for them and for all students.”

Humphreys and his wife, who moved to Richmond Hill four years ago, have four children, including a newborn. The oldest is in first grade.

“We are invested in the schools here for the next 20 years,” he said.

Humphreys, a worship pastor at Savannah Christian Church, said he has three main goals if elected. The first is unification.

“I want to make sure we have the same level of excellence across the county and that every decision reflects every child,” he said. “That starts at the top and the board has to make the best decision for all of Bryan County.”

Growth is also on his radar.

“As our population continues to increase, the board will have to deal with issues of how to accommodate that,” he said. “We can’t have crowded, aging buildings.”

Humphreys said the third issue facing the district is one of standards.

 “While I agree there is an educational standard set by the state for each school to achieve, I believe that as a board we must help each child progress each year,” he said. “We can’t be fixated or too flexible with standards so that we meet state requirements and let individual children fall through the cracks.”

 Humphreys said he also wants to focus on attracting and retaining the best faculty and staff possible.

 “The reason so many people move here is because the schools are great and that’s because we have great teachers and staff,” he said. “We need to make sure they are being recognized and made to feel valuable.”

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