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Helen's Haven advocates for children
1127 Helens Haven - Liles in Play Therapy Room
Terri Liles, licensed master social worker and coordinator for Helens Haven in Hinesville, stands in the play therapy room at the children's advocacy center. (Randy C. Murray)

Helen’s Haven Children’s Advocacy Center defends the most defenseless, the most innocent among us by attempting to reduce further trauma to a possible child victim in a safe, non-threatening environment while evaluating suspected child abuse and providing support to the child and non-offending caregivers, according to Terri Liles, licensed master social worker and coordinator for Helen’s Haven in Hinesville.
“We provide services in cooperation with law enforcement and the Department of Family and Child Services,” Liles explained. “They typically make referrals to us, then we conduct a forensic investigation, gathering information in a non-biased manner.”
Helen’s Haven is named for Helen E. Stanford, a child advocate and community leader in Liberty County for more than 50 years. Located in Liberty County, Helen’s Haven provides services for children from Bryan, Evans, Long, McIntosh and Tattnall counties.
Liles said theirs is a multi-service investigation with all parties participating in the interview there at the same time, so the child doesn’t have to be re-traumatized by separate interviews. The interviews are recorded on DVDs, she said, to document responses and prove answers are not coerced or manipulated.

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