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Clerk of courts lists January jury members
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Bryan County Clerk of Courts Rebecca G. Crowe recently drew trial jurors for the January Term 2011 of the Bryan County State Court.
Jurors are to report at 8:15 a.m. Tuesday to the Bryan County Courthouse at 151 South College Street, Pembroke.
Anyone whose name appears on the following list and did not receive a summons by mail, should immediately contact the Clerk of Superior Court office at 653-3872. 
Also, jurors should call the clerk’s office after 5 p.m. Monday to confirm that attendance is still required.
No compensation will be paid to jurors unless the jury pool is actually impaneled.
Jurors, as generated by the courthouse, are as follows:
Linda Dianne Adams
Raymond L. Altman Sr.
John Jackson Armstrong
Stanley T. Bacon
Douglas Baggett
Deborah H. Barr
Cathy A. Barrett
Donald A. Bean
Karen J. Becker
Thomas Scott Bell
Melissa Buchans Bene
Stephen E. Boney
Kathryn M. Bowling
Viola P. Boyett
Brett Martin Brewer
Peter G. Buhles
James Michael Butler
Douglas Brady Cameron
Thomas E. Cannady
Julie Elaine Carlton
Mary Anne Chance
Sammy R. Chavis
Glenn M. Christian
Carol Leann Collins
Chris Cowart
Jeremy Mark Cowart
Danny L. Cox
Theresa Critton
William Timothy Crowe
Ernest Joseph D'Alto
Katurah Mae Darling
Dean R. Davis
James Clinton Davis Jr.
Jan Davis
Marlon Devillars
Kelvin A. Dixon
Christina Douglas
Collen R. Doyle
Terry L. Enoch
Robert Evans
Jeffrey Scott Farmer
Richard P. Ferron
Chandra Lavell Fields
Peggy Finley
Timothy Lee Fleming
Viola H. Flowers
Kevin Fountain
Gloryana Coris Gaines
James H. Gaines
Gayle B. Gapac
Dennis J. George
Heather G. Gill
John N. Gladin
Joe Edward Golding Jr.
Patricia Roberts Haire
Michael J. Hardy
Vickie Dale Harold
Carol C. Hartley
Charles W. Henderson
Hoyt L. Holt Jr.
Jason Howard
Jean Elizabeth Humphreys
Andrew John Iaderosa
Teresa Marie Iatauro
Alvenia W. Jones
David T. Jones
Benny J. Kangeter
Daniel Kaufman
Willie Kelly
Dawn Marie Kennedy
Mark Patrick Kennedy
Bobbi Krompak
Eric Langley
Gloria Laws
Rebecca Lawson
Terry Lemmons
Robbin Page Lyle
Janet Patricia Mabante
Victor Remon Mainer Sr.
Robert Lee Massey Jr.
Theresa R. Maund
Michael Anthony Mccollum
Margie Mcelveen
Carl James Mcnamee Jr.
Paul Menhart
Teresa A. Merritt
Dwight M. Miller II
Charles Sandford Milliken
Mary Lynn Mills
Robert D. Mims III
Doris Jacquelyn Mullins
Natalie C. Muncie
Patrick J. Murphy
Billie Cheryl Murray
Linda Nelson
David Norris
Paul David Nott
Stella S. Osborn
Catherine M. Oten
Trina Melissa Page
David B. Parrish
Joy L. Pedersen
Sandy L. Peterson
Lecy Pridgen
James Michael Rank
Janet Reeves
Ruby Vivian Renew
Lisa J. Roberson
Jeffrey S. Rowland
Bobbie Simpson Rud
William A. Rumsey
Gail Rushing
Perry E. Russell
William Joseph Ryle
Elizabeth Ann Schumer
Edward Cecil Sellers
Jere L. Settle
Stacy Shaw
Patrice Selenea Shellman
Darlene B. Shuman
Charles H. Skinner
Betty S. Smith
Lynn Marie Smith
Trey Lee Smith
Robin Carol Snider
Christina M. Soley
Eileen Louise St. Aubin
Kenneth R. Stohl Hr
George H. Story
Beverly A Strauser
Susan Elizabeth Stribley
George A. Strickland Jr.
Thomas C. Strickland
Andrew Strozzo
Mark Anthony Taylor
Donald L. Thompson
Maureen E. Thompson
Kenneth Harold Traylor Jr.
John Tzen
Mary Ellen Wallace
Melissa Ann Walton
Robert L. Ward
Kathy Wash
Bridget White
Dorthey M. Wiggins
Alana Alisha Williams
Victoria E. Wise
Peggy W. Witherow

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