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Birds of a feather
Students stand apart to come together on politics
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Richmond Hill High School's Young Democrats pose for a group shot. The club has approximately 20 members. - photo by Jeff Whitten

In a stuffy Richmond Hill High School classroom on a hot Thursday afternoon after school, some 20 students sat in a circle, earnestly discussing whether the U.S. should intervene in Syria, where the government is accused of using chemical weapons on its own people.
The consensus seemed to be a qualified no — as in help when possible, but no military action — as the teens struggled to understand a modern-day atrocity.
“I don’t know all the facts,” said one of the students. “I think it’s harmful to form opinions when you don’t have all the facts. I do have mixed feelings. I don’t think we should get our military involved … but we also shouldn’t turn our backs to them. That’s wrong. I don’t know what kind of help we can provide, but I don’t think they should just be killing their people.”
Another student noted there’s a chance U.S. involvement could make the situation worse. Another said to follow the U.N.’s lead. Still another said America already has plenty on its plate.
“I think what they’re doing is wrong, but I don’t want us to be involved with everything,” he said. “We have other things to worry about at home right now rather than try to help out another country.”
Not long afterward, the group broke up and the students went their separate ways. Some to JROTC or football or cross country practice, others to talk with teachers or to go home.

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