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Local foundation planting for Bryan County's future
RHHS National Honor Society students Allie Mazur, Brian Adams, Katie Berry and Kylie Berry.

The Coastal Bryan Tree Foundation’s tree board and volunteers planted 41 trees in Henderson Park on Saturday, March 1. Foundation President Wendy Bolton said there were about 50 participants who came out to help.

"We had some really great workers helping us out today," she said.

Certified arborist Jerry Holcome, also a tree board member, gave tree planting and tree gator installation demos for newcomers.  Bolton said there were many volunteers, including children, who were helping out for the second or third time.

Georgia Power dropped off mulch for the foundation to use around the trees. Coastal Electric has provided the foundation with a trailer and water tanks to help water the trees once all the gators are installed. The gators give the trees their first batch of water once they’ve been planted and also sometimes used during the dry season, Mark Bolton said. The gator holds 25 gallons of water, which works like an ‘IV’ for the tree, slowly dripping water and allowing the freshly planted tree to soak it all up.

Volunteers planted live oaks, sycamores, swamp chestnut oaks, October glory maples, lacebark elms, laurel oaks and black gum trees, among others.

Later this year, the foundation will be hosting a second planing event in Henderson Park, where they plan to plant another 60 trees along the park's entranceway.

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