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Letters to Santa

Editor’s Note: In the spirit of the holidays, the editor has decided to republish some old letters to Santa written by local children attending Bryan County Schools.This is a tradition that the editor was unaware of, but greatly wishes to continue during her tenure as BCN editor. Shout out to the past editor Jeff Whitten for this lovely idea! The present editor would like to wish everyone reading this a Merry Christmas!

Dear Santa, I’ve always wanted to say you are the nicest person I know. I’ve always been trying to wish for a good Christmas. I know some people are bad, but I want people to have a chance to get at least one present. It’s really crazy that you can deliver presents all over the world in one night.

Santa make sure to have a good Christmas.

Love, Canaan Nielsen. Dear Santa, Thank you for being a nice guy. I want presents because I have been good. I would like barbys, lols, Shopkens, solfanomles, and electric skooter.

How do the elfs make everything?

Love, Willow Fetty Dear Santa, Thanks for giving us presents. How are you magic?

Where did you get the reindeer? How is your sleigh magic? How can reindeer fly?

How do you make toys? Where do you find elfs? Please get me WWE toys. Love, Kayson Bean Fountian. Dear Santa Am I on a nice list? I want a elf and I want a (something to do with Lego, Santa, we think). I really want brand new shoes.

I have been good Santa.

Grayson Andrews Dear Santa I hope you have a good Christmas. I want a Whitney Houston please also a Taylor Swift record, a IPad and a diamond baguette and a drone.

You are nice. Love Ho Ho Ho. Judah Kearney Dear Santa Hi it’s me Madison and thang you for Sparkles she is so cute but she is so funny and I love her so much and Sparkles, Lucey, and Cookie and I am going to give you my Christmas wish list Dog man books and the Bad guys book, a Chrome book, shoe 7-1/2, dress white and black Nikes squishmallows and (not sure) but I was so happy because Sparkles gave me a Christmas tree and my mom give me a tree topper and a tree … and I am happy for that and I love you and my mom and I love Mrs. Clase too she can make relaly good cookies and I have been relaly good this year, and I want 5 surprise makeup I phone 13 pro max Sierra blue Louis Vuitton Mint bag neo achhett bull squishmallow all the fidgets you can give to me fashion fedgets a nice pop pop rockers. Slime mysery fidget box bags.

Ho Ho Ho Christmas eve. Madison B. Dear Santa I have been good this year. For Christmas I would like a barby set with a lot of barbys and thank you so much.

From Jovie Brown Dear Santa My name is Alana I am 5 years old. This year I have been nice. These are three things I am wishing for. 1. Lol (doll?). 2. Mermaid toy. 3. New (Santa knows.).

Dear Santa, for Christmas may I please have a new xbox x and Star Wars Legos. I am a big fan of Star Wars Legos and I am a collecter. I would like a new Xbox x because my brother wants my x box. So if I can get the new one he can get the old one.

Sincerely Carter Youngs Dear Santa, I would like a Legos set. I’ve been simi-good (does this count as honesty). I would also like a Splitoon 3. One of those Nba Jam hoops, with a ball. I’m not trying to pressure you so that is all.

Sincerely Camden (he included his address).

Dear Santa, I really want my family to be happy but I want a Macbook pro and an IPhone 14 pro max and just surprise me with the rest.

Sincerely Robert E. Dear Santa, How’ve you been? I’ve been good. You must be tired sending all the gifts in one night. That’s crazy!

When you come to my house, try my delicious cookies! There are 5 of them. One’s a sugar cookie, which has been passed down from generation to generation. I have one question. What do you want for Christmas?

Sincerely Louis Editor’s note: That must be some sugar cookie. Ha-ha!

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a slingshot, football, pellet gun, and for everyone to have a lovly Christmas.

Sincerely, Kendell Wall. Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas this year is Pokemon Scarrett and violet double pack. Also, thank you. Thank you for making children like me happy.

Sincerely, Editor’s note: Kid writes like a future doctor. Signature is illegible, but Santa knows.

Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like a computer because it will be a lot easier for me to do my work from home and I can get my work done.

Oh, and I won’t forget your cookies have a great Christmas. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas.

Sincerely, Patrick Ward Dear Santa, Hi! My name is Alyssa. I have been a good girl this year because I do my work, I am kind, loving, smart, and fun. For Christmas I would like, 1. A puppy. 2. A green new Iphone. 3. Robux. 4. Four airplane to Paris. 5. Magic. 6. For me and family and friends to be safe.

Love Alyssa Dear Santa I really don’t know what to put here, but I do have one thing to say. If you put me on the naughty list I will take your cookies. (Smiley face).

Love, Amy Smith Dear Santa, Hello! My name is Levi Obrien Fields. I have been good this year because I sometimes help people when they need it but other times if some call my little brother they wish they never did.

For Christmas I would like my techers to have the best Christmas ever and I don’t want anything for Christmas.

Thank you! Love, (all caps?) Levi Fields.

Dear Santa I wish that Christmas last longer one day is not enough and I wish I got a new dog. I want a computer or a table I don’t care which one I get I just want one please and my last one is I want Mrs. Sidenbender and Mrs. Sannder (?) to get an apple and it says this from Kassidy you have apple.

Love, Kassidy Dear Santa, my name is Mallory and for Christmas I want a new hoverboard, a 5 dollar roblox gift card, and a new volleyball with lots of other colors. I’m really thankful for Christmas and for a family, Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because it is Jesus birthday and you get to spend Christmas with your family. I only asked for a little bit because I know my mom will get me more presents I hope you get me these three things.

Love, Mallory Dear Santa, I am excited for Christmas to come and brings lots of joy to everyone, including me. I guarantee that I have tried my best this year not to be naughty. Our Christmas tree is being set up in a few days.

For my present I do not know what I want. I have recently been saving up to buy something. It’s really expensive, so I haven’t got very close. The price is around $300. Anyway, I wish you the best luck you could ever have!

Love, Ivy Fang Dear Santa, I want a hippapotimus for Christmas. I also want a mountain biking helmet, with gloves.

I also really really really really really want an electric guitar! Also there is this pen, call a fountain pen. Another I need is a basketball. I think I should get some of these gifts because I have been a super doope wooper yooper good boy.

Love, Ian Dear Santa, I was wondering if I was good or bad. If I’m good then can I have one or two random Lego sets. But if I’m bad can you give it to my sister Emily or my friend Ian or Justin. And by the way I want you to give my little sister Sophia a Barbie doll wearing a pink dress and tell her to stop touching my Lego toy.

Love, Wilson Dear Santa Hello! My name is Braxton I have been good this year because I was not bad.

For Christmas I would like some Takara Tomy Beyblade, nerf guns, Dairy of a Wimpy kid and a computer.

Thank you! Love, Braxton Dear Santa, even though I was on the nice list last year I am still hoping to be on the nice list again. And if I get on the nice list again, I want to get a dog so I can snuggle with it. And I want a new PC so I can play games on it, and then I want a new watch. Well that’s what I want for Christmas!

Love, Elijah Dear Santa, I want a 4 wheeler for Christmas. Only a 4 wheeler will do. I don’t want a doll, no photo copier. I want a 4 wheeler to drive with and enjoy. I want a 4 wheeler for Christmas. I don’t think Santa Claus will mind, do you? You won’t have to use the dirty chimney flue. Just bring it through the front door. That’s the easy thing to-do! I also want an apple watch for Christmas. I deserve this because, I’ve been doing great with chores, and I’ve been having very good behavior.

Love, Kendall Lewis. Hello! My name is Adrian.

I have been good this year because I have helped the invirement by piking up trash and throwing it in the trash can.

For Christmas I would like x box.

Thank you! Love, Adrian.

Dear Santa I would want a lot of presents for Christmas. I also want for my family to come to my house again this year and to have a great dinner with my family and another thing I want is 13,000 v-bucks. Lastly I would want is a Atlanta Falcons mascot pillow.

Love, Blake.

Dear Santa all I want for Christmas is some candy and not to be the only child anymore so Santa if you can make my wishing come true I would be very happy because I have not had candy in a while and I am tired of being the only child it’s very boring.

From (first name illegible, but Santa knows).

Dear Santa I am writing this letter to you today because one of my dog King is crazy and poops everywhere and in my room a lot, so if you could fix his pooping problem that would be amazing! Also my friend Carmella is having a hard time in cheer ball sharks and if she could have some help that’d be great!

From, Katiana J. Dear Santa Clause. This Christmas I DON’T want a doll for Christmas. I would rather have the options listed below.

Fabrics Sewing machine Elf ears Vampire teeth Katsuki bohugo merch Google pixle six. From Delephenia Pryor Dear Santa, I would like a robux gift card, a new water bottle, and a glass pen w/ an entire art set. Thank you. Merry Christmas.

From, Nadeen Dear Santa, this Christmas I want a new led light mirror that’s shaped like Hello Kitty, a new hoodie, the silver IPad, a new phone case with Hello Kitty and her friends. New computer, plane tickets to Texas or California. A planning book. Hello Kitty pencil case.

From Sophie.

Dear Santa All I want this holiday is a new scooter. Because my old scooter has mold on it and the weel is contantly falling off. That why I want a new scooter.

PS: If you have time I would like a Star Wars Lego Set.

Love: Sam Peacock Dear Santa, All I want this holiday is a nice day with hot chocolate and a Christmas movie with snacks. Or a happy Christmas, because I work so hard and need a little break. From Tressa Hey Santa this is what I want for Chismas. I want new dunks. I want a new phone and money.

Love, Arianny Dear Santa, The thing I want most for this year is for my baby sister to look like me, and to get a baby puppy for me and her.

That is all I want. Love, Laila Taylor Dear Santa, Hello there Santa I am happy that I can send you a letter to the north pole so I will tell you why I will give you this letter so I sent this letter to you because I wanted to know how it felt in the north pole delivering presents around the world. So Santa thank you for delivering our presents to us.

Love, (first name hard to read, but Santa knows) Patel Dear Santa, This year for Christmas I would like clear mascara, clay, more Nike socks, Air jordans, rings, necklaces, anklets, Shrek stikers, Shrek shirt, Shrek phone case, paint markers, aclhol markers, new sketch book, hoodies, Shrek-e & Peppa pig shirts, and lip gloss & skin care products.

Love, Zoe Dear Santa I am sorry for not believing in you from time to time but it is just strange how you can stop at over over 7 billion houses. Although I know you are magic it’s still odd. Also I don’t care about the presents under the tree, because that isn’t important. The main thing I want is for Harley, my friend, to find her elf named Bell. Also Bell was a prankster.

Sincerely, Kaden. Dear Santa, For Christmas, I would love to have a Roblox gift card and a Squishmellow. That’s all and thank you for all your hard work.

Love, Sebastian R. Dear Santa, All I want this year is a roblox gift card and a new fighting/gun game for my PS4. Also I want a one piece game for my Switch. Another thing I want is a new hoody similar to the one I use now.

From, Trent Dear Santa This year I want only a few things. You don’t have to get me too much but I do want a lot. I want things like a phone, some clothes, some shoes and other stuff like that. Thank you so much, Santa.

Love, Kameire Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a horse and a Bunny.

But if you can’t get me any of these things please just make snow like in Germany.

Love, Isabella

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