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Law enforcement blotters
Bryan County Sheriff's Office logo

From Bryan County Sheriff’s office reports:

Intoxicated persons: A deputy was dispatched to Beautiful Zion Church Road on June 8 “in reference to a white female laying in the roadway half naked from the waist up,” a report said.

The deputy wrote: “Upon my arrival I found a white female laying face down on the roadway not wearing a top and (she) appeared to be very intoxicated.”

The complainant said he’d gotten a call to come tow a vehicle that had gotten stuck in the sane.

“Complainant stated when he arrived he also observed this female laying on the ground and that’s when he called the Sheriff’s Department.”

The complainant also said there was another car stuck in the sand, and the deputy “also observed another female attempting to drive this vehicle. She then exited this vehicle and fell out the driver’s side door.”

The deputy tried to talk to the second woman, the report said, but “she was not coherent at all and also appeared to be intoxicated.”

The deputy noted there were personal items scattered on the road, to include “makeup, cell phones, headphones and clothing which all appeared to have been thrown from their vehicle.”

The deputy called for a tow truck and EMS.

Later, the other woman told EMS “that her and (the other woman) were traveling down Maxie Ball Road when they began to argue and then a fight ensured at the same time they had gotten the vehicle stuck.”

Both women were both taken to Memorial, the report said.

Vandalism: A South Bryan woman reported May 27 that her fence was damaged that morning. She said a neighbor also had to run a 4-wheeler off from the area.

The deputy found damage and tire tracks. The complainant said “the area neighborhood was having a lot of issues with juveniles, from the Jericho area, riding their 4-wheelers on their property behind fences and in yards not fenced in,” a report said.

Richmond Hill Police Department logo.jpg

From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

 Unruly juvenile: An officer was sent to the Lullwater Apartment complex around 3 p.m. June 1 due to a kid throwing rocks at a couple vehicles in the parking lot. The officer talked to the kid’s sister and mother, who said “her son had been throwing a temper tantrum and began throwing rocks/ clay at her vehicle and another vehicle.”

The officer saw two vehicles, which “had dirt and debris on them,” then went and talked to the kid, who “said he was mad and only felt partially sorry about doing it.”

After some police work, the owner of one of the vehicles said she didn’t want to file charges. The mother initially said she didn’t want to file charges, but changed her mind later, the report said.

She also said she was sending the kid to live with his father in another state.

Criminal trespass: A River Oaks man reported June 1 that his boat windshield was shattered.

“(He) stated that he did not find any object that might have been used to smash the windshield, and assumed it was probably a bullet that potentially ricocheted off the water.”

He wanted the report for insurance purposes.

Noise complaint: A Kroger Drive woman called police around 5:20 a.m. June 10 and said “she had already reported the incident earlier but now she wanted documentation about the incident. (She) said she was sleeping when she heard the above apartment’s two-year-old child making noise above her.”

The woman was told she’d have to talk to her apartment manager. She was given a case number.

Matter of record: An officer was sent June 4 to RHPD to talk to a woman who “advised that she cannot get in contact with her husband and has some questionable activity on their account.”

The woman said she saw a transaction on their bank account for gas, which was normal, but then she saw a transaction for more than $1,200 that wasn’t expected.

“(She) advised that she attempted to contact her husband numerous times but (he) would advise her via text that he could not talk right now.”

The woman said when she saw another transaction for $1,000 she called her bank to try and get the card locked. She also “got in contact with his military friend and asked if he could possibly locate her husband,” the report said.

The friend found the man “at Kroger parked near the gas pumps but when he attempted to make contact with him at his window he held up a cardboard sign that stated, ‘Can’t talk, Identity Fraud.’” While the woman was talking to police she got a text from her husband saying he couldn’t call her. Then, the officer, using his wife’s phone, texted her husband and told him to call but got no response.

Security video from Kroger showed the man, alone, buying gift cards “at which time I assumed (the man) was being scammed,” and when the man later got in touch with police he “advised that he was contacted by someone who stated they were from the Social Security Office and was still on the phone with them.”

The officer talked to the scammer, who “could not provide accurate information nor a practical address.”

So, the officer hung up and told the man he’d been scammed. He got a case number, the report said.

Public intoxication, etc: Around 11:30 p.m. May 19 officers were sent dispatched to help another officer “with a subject observed walking in the middle of Highway 17 near the Raceway Gas Station.” That officer was in the process of handcuffing one of three suspects when things got strange.

As police talked to the other two suspects – Suspect No. 1’s sister and girlfriend – “(his) demeanor quickly changed and he started saying he was someone else. (He) told this officer he was ‘Ted Bundy.’” Then, “(he) became angry and started verbal threats to assault this officer. (He) was asked to sit on the curb in order to present him from assaulting this officer or anyone else. At first (he) refused to sit down.”

Later, after he kept it up to the point the man was deposited in the back of a police car, “he threatened to bite and (bleep) on

officers.” During the course of the stop police found what they suspected was pot, along with rolling papers and a scale. They also found three Ohio driver’s licenses belonging to three different people as well as a pack of cigarettes containing “suspected marijuana blunts,” the report said.

After talking to the three, police learned the two women were actually twin sisters and one of them had “several misdemeanor warrants out of Ohio,” etc. The car was towed. All three people were charged.

Matter of record: A Piercefield subdivision woman reported June 1 she got home and “found her brick mail box broken in two pieces and pieces of a vehicle on the mail box, in her yard, and the roadway.”

A witness said she saw a small dark car driven by a young girl hit the mailbox and get stuck. It was towed off. The driver of the car lived just down the street. She told the officer “she was leaving her residence where she tried to turn the wheel and press the brakes but doesn’t know if she pressed the gas or exactly what happened.” The girl said she left a note with her contact information at the home.

The complainant didn’t want to prosecute.

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