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GA Power raises rates
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While the Savannah area can look forward to a decrease in their power bills next month, Bryan County and the rest of Georgia is looking at a slight increase.

The decision was made Dec. 18, when the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) voted to increase Georgia power rates by $323 million, or about $5.24 per month, per customer, according to a PSC release. The increased rates will remain in effect until 2010.

But Savannah isn’t special when it comes to their power bills. The decrease is happening because Savannah Electric merged with Georgia Power in 2005.

"If you’re a legacy Savannah Electric customer, your rates will go down by about $15 a month," Georgia Power spokesperson John Bell said. "Everybody in the state of Georgia got a $5.24 increase. However, because Savannah customers had not been put onto Georgia Power rates, they will be added to this base rate now."

When Savannah Electric was added to the base rate, their current rates dropped to align with the statewide prices. Bell said the base rates for the electric company are set for the next three years statewide, but he noted that fuel costs could go up again and Georgia Power has to file a fuel case in March.

"In 2004, the Public Service Commission set a three year accounting order. We had to file by July of this past year for new rates to go into effect on Jan. 1. These new rates will be in effect for the next three years and then in the summer of 2010 we’ll have to file another rate case," Bell said.

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