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From the mouths of babes: Messages to the new president

Editor’s note: Barack Obama was sworn in Tuesday as the 44th U.S. president, becoming the first African-American to hold the post.

Given the historic significance of the event, we asked local middle school students to write open letters to President Obama in which they shared their expectations, their hopes, their congratulations and more. We now share those letters with you.

I think you will be a great 44th president. I have always supported you throughout the election. My dad is in the military and currently in Iraq. He is the doctor who takes care of the sick and wounded soldiers. I am heart broken when I hear my friends say that their parents have been deployed three, four times. Some of their parents don’t even come back sadly. I was curious to know what you are going to do with the soldiers. If they should be pulled out from Iraq or just to stay. My dad recently emailed us and said that one of the soldiers was wounded so badly that he could do nothing for him, but it was already too late. I know you wanted to deal with the economy first. So I am just asking to please consider helping the troops and families too, as well as the economy. I know you have a big role but I know you can do it.
Christina Krebs

Dear Mr. Barack Obama,
It is an honor to be writing this letter to you. It is truly an honor to have you as our very first black president of the United States of America. This is a historical victory. Here are a few questions that I want to ask you. What are your plans for turning things around in the United States of America? What are your plans for bringing taxes down and keeping gas prices down? What are you going to do for schools around the world? People are losing jobs and businesses are closing. Food prices in stores are going up very quickly. People all around the world don’t have money to purchase food for their kids and family. Many students who are going to college don’t have the money to attend college and pay dues. Will the war ever come to an end and will the troops return home to their families? We should all pray for world peace.
Tamera Washington

Dear President Barack Obama,
How does it feel to become the first African American president? I bet it must be exciting! How do you plan on changing the economy? Are the girls excited to soon live in the White House? I know I would be. Where do you plan on putting the girls for school, or will they be homeschooled? How does Mrs. Michelle Obama feel about her mother coming to move in with you? How do you feel about it? I bet she is glad that her daughter married a smart man and who became “The President of the United States”.
I love the little present that you’re giving to your daughters, a puppy, wow, I bet the girls love you so much for that and will love the puppy and take care of it very well too.
I hope I didn’t ask you too many questions. Thank-you for letting me have a little chat with you!
Ashley Underwood

If I was able to meet President Elect Obama I would like to ask him what motivated him to run for President of the United States of America. When he was my age did he ever dream he would become the first bi-racial president? I would also like to know what he plans to do for the environment. Does he really think he can start to make a difference when every other President said they would, but has never done it. I would also ask how excited his children are and if he is worried about something happening to them. Finally I would like to ask him if he really believes he can lower our dependence on foreign oil? Will he start drilling our own land to use our resources? Or will he start developing alternative energy to help solve the problem? Since his campaign was based on energy he has a lot of promises to live up to.
Maddie Hester

Dear President Obama,
How does it feel to be the first African American president? Is it cool, scary, or totally awesome? If I were president I think it would be awesome. How are your two daughters liking it? Have they started school yet?
What about the war in Iraq. How is it going? Are the soldiers holding out? I hope so. I sure don’t want the war coming to America. What is your opinion on the war? Do you think we should be there in Iraq?
Courtney Schwartz

Dear President Obama,
Here are some questions I would like to ask. How would you help us with the recession that is going on now? What is it like to be the first African American President?
Is it hard to live a normal life being a president? When will the war in Iraq stop? Do your daughters go to a private school? How long do you hope to be president? How would you fee to have a shoe thrown at you? Who was your role model when you were young? Was your goal when you were young to be the President of the United States? What do you do in your spare time? What is your favorite subject in school? Are you getting a basketball court in the White House?
Brian Eichhorn

Q.1. President elect Obama! Sir, what goes through your mind when you think about Iraq?
Q.2. What will you do about our bad economy in your term?
Q.3. Are you going to cut our tax rate?
Q.4. What are you going to do about our armed forced?
Q.5. Will you help our soldiers in Iraq? If you do, they need better weapons.
Q.6. Your Motto, “Change we can believe in,” describe what change?
Q.7. What will you do about terrorists? How will you stop them?
Q.8. when will our bad depression end?
Q.9. Will you help our dept. and our money?
Q.10. Will you cut our economy?

Dear President Obama,
May I ask you some questions? I was wondering if it is hard to take care of your children and be President? Who is taking care of your dog when you are working? How are things in Iraq? Are your girls going to school? How do you like being the first African American Prsident? What do you have planned for us in schooling? Are you going to help the businesses that don’t have enough money? Thank you are your time and congratulations on becoming President.
Rachel Canady

Dear President Barack Obama,
My name is Ashlie Quintana. I am a sixth grade student at Richmond Hill Middle School in Richmond Hill, Georgia. I wanted to ask you a few questions. One of my first questions is have you ever been to Iraq before. I was also wondering what are you going to do about the war. Are you going to keep the troops in Iraq or are you going to bring them home? If so when will you bring them home? I also wanted to know how is life now that you are living in the White House. Do you like it? I also heard that you are getting your two little girls a dog. I was wondering what kind of dog you were going to get? I also have two dogs. They are both boys. Their names are Chief and Major. They are both Dachshunds. And my last question is, are you going to miss living in Chicago?
Ashlie Quintana

Dear Barack Obama,
I was just wanting to ask you a few questions. How are you doing in the White House? Did you ever get a dog? How are your kids doing? What is it like being a president of the United States? What is your favorite color? What is it like being in the White House? How many rooms are in the White House? How many people are in your family? Is it hard being a president? Are the people nice to you? What is your favorite thing of being a president? How many people live in the White House besides you?
Kodi Cheek

Dear President Obama,
How are your two little girls? I bet they are proud about you being President. How does it feel to be the very first African American President? If I were you, I would be proud! So do you like your new home? Are the girls still getting their new puppy? Has it always been your dream of the United States? Did you play any sports when you were little? Does your wife Michelle enjoy you being the president? Would you like to make some changes to the White House? Are you nervous or excited being president? I hope your leadership will lead our nation to greatness.
Casey Qua

Dear President Obama,
1. What is your favorite sport?
2. Is it true that you’re getting a dog for your daughters?
3. Are you going to raise our taxes?
4. What is the most important goal for a president?
5. How are you going to achieve it?
6. How long will it take to bring home the soldiers from Iraq?
7. What are you going to do to keep fuel prices affordable?
8. What are you going to do to help create jobs for the jobless?
9. What do you believe it takes to be a good president?
10. Who was your favorite United States President?
11. What was your favorite subject when you were in the 6th grade?
12. How did you feel when you won the election?
Good Luck being the President of the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!
Trey Romance

Dear President Obama,
I have a couple of questions to ask you. Let’s start with question number one. If you could fix the financial crisis and be approved on everything, how would you do so? If you could improve education in schools what would be your first move? What is the whole deal with oil these days?
How are you doing to fix Wall Street? If you could make one law what would it be? If you could make a law about discrimination what would it be? How are you going to clean up the war in Iraq? How are you going to stop all the jobs being lost in America?
There’s one question that seems to be going around my school. How are you going to help our environment? The last question is how are you going to deal with taxes? I hope you enjoyed my questions.
Gary Tompkins

Dear President Obama,
I believe that you are going to make me and this country very proud. I am sure that you have many great ideas in store for the future. I really like your idea of creating more “green” jobs to help the environment while also helping the economy and the unemployed. These jobs would make a wonderful addition to our economy and I hope the idea comes through. I am positive that you will make everyone’s life better in this country. You are going to be a great president.
I also have some questions though. Do you have anything in mind that you would like to pass as a law? Do you have any other plans that will make our country better? Do you intend on making life better for all or for just certain people? I wish you would answer these as thoroughly as you can. I know you are going to be an amazing president. Please do the best you can as president for everybody. Thank you for your time.
Trent Price

Dear President Elect Obama,
Our family voted for you. That is, except for me. I didn’t want you to be the president, at first! Now that I gave you a chance, I am starting to feel different. I am now happy that you were elected. I think the way you plan to lead America is a very good plan.
There is a very difficult road ahead for you, but I fee that you are the best man for the job. America is in a tight spot. Now that you are the future president, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You give us hope. I know that some of the people aren’t happy about this, but believe me, after this is all done and over, they will feel different.
Good luck Obama!
Hank Ferendo

Dear Mr. President Obama,
I wish you all the best as you enter into the White House and the presidency. Although I am a strong Republican I have no doubt that your presidency will have great success. I know you have plans for the future and my future as you work towards better education. I am very excited about the inauguration coming up and I know you are too. You will have a great chance to move this country forward. You worked extremely hard to get to this place and now it is your chance to shine. You are a very great role model for many people. You will serve our country not just as a president but as a leader. I hope all your choices will benefit the nation. I hope you will get our economy straight as well as end the fighting. I have always thought about being president and, if I get there, I hope I will be a leader like I know you will be. I hope I will be as successful as you in every aspect of life.
Congratulations and good luck.
Devin Knight

Dear President Obama,
You are going to be a great president and bring great change, but I do have some questions. First about the war; how long will it take to remove the troops from Iraq, and why are you against the war? We’ve made a lot of progress in the war, and it’d be pointless to remove them so early.
My second question is about your economy plan. Why do you think it’s good to give money that hardworking citizens earn to a homeless citizen who sits around begging for money? You want to help the economy by taking money from the rich and giving to the poor? It doesn’t make sense. If you worked hard for a living, would you give away your money? Well that’s all my questions. Thanks for you time. I know you’ll make a great president. Good luck on your presidency.
Emily Eichhorn

Dear President Obama,
I have a few questions for you. How does it feel to be the leader of the United States? Do you like living in the White House? It is probably really big. Do you really have your own plane? Share your secret; how did you succeed to be the number one president OBAMA? What was your job before you wanted to be president? What was your dream job when you were little? Did you have a collection when you were little; if so what kind? What are you most afraid of? How old were you when you wanted to become president? How do your kids feel about living in the White House? One more question; how much money do you make?
Kristin Smith
(P.S. I pray that the world will be a better place for kids.)

Dear President Elect Barack Obama,
I would like to express my disagreements about your future plans. Such as this new energy for America plan; not only that, but I am worried about how you will spend the little money we have. I might not have doubted your spending abilities if you hadn’t spent so much on your hour-long campaign ad. This is a hard time in America, and I’m not sure that you can handle this recession, and overall downfall. I understand that it would be hard for anyone, but I believe that many other people that truly understand the state that America is in could do this job better.
You say that you want to build a ‘new way of energy’, by switching to wind and solar energy, but have you thought about the financial state we are in. We cannot just go and spend a hundred-fifty billion dollars right away. Not to mention that all of America must change for this to work. You must form your plans around America, not vice-versa. If you really wanted to help America at saving money on gas then you need to start off-shore drilling right away. It cost much less while helping for much more. The people that disagree with this say that it is not good for the sea and the animals living in it, I do not even see why they would think that, it’s not like we will dump it all out into the sea, not something that valuable, after all we aren’t stupid enough to just throw diamonds away. On another note, that 300 billion dollar stimulus could not work. We couldn’t afford it after you get your energy plan up and running, and all else that you have promised us. We won’t have enough money to uphold banks and just give out tax cuts as you have promised. Please sir, reconsider your money spending and try to improve on yourself and most importantly America.
Katie Patton

Dear President Obama,
Congratulations on your winning of the 2008 presidential election. It was a long run but you pulled through with it and won fair and square. In the beginning and on Election day, I was for McCain. Once I found out you had won, I decided it wouldn’t be all that bad. Now, as the time went on, I realize that you really are a great candidate and I am happy that you were elected.
I feel bad for all the grief you must have gotten. I think you experienced more than McCain. I wouldn’t be able to go through with it, but you made it and that really impressed me. I truly admire your hard work. You will be in text books from now on not only for being the 44th U.S. president, but also for the first African American president. That’s pretty neat. Good luck with the presidency Sir.
Ryley Rehberg


Dear Barack Obama,
I am a sixth grader. I would want to know how you became the President. What will you do to help our country? Do you feel proud to be the President? What will you do to help our education? You help our environment by making ideas about solar energy.
Was it hard to think of ideas to help this country? I support you. This is the part where I cheer Obama. I believe you can make the world a better place. The world needs a change and you’re the man for the job. Do you think you have what it takes to do it all?
(No Signature)

Dear President Obama,
How is it like in the White House? Is it big? And what is your favorite thing to do in the White House? It would be very cool to live in the White House. I would play games and watch TV when I have free time. Is being the president frustrating? I bet it would be because all of America depends on the decision you make. Does it cost any money to live in the White House? I think it would be cool if it was free because you get to live in a huge house for free. Do you get paid a lot? I’m not trying to be personal, but I just want to know if it’s a good job.
Josh Giza

Dear President Obama,
During the elections in 2008 I wanted John McCain to win. After he lost many of my friends were very upset but I think you will be a great president. Even though I don’t agree with all of your policies, I know you will still do good for our country. I think the people that are still mad about John McCain not winning should realize that you aren’t going to try to harm this country, you will do everything you can to help it.
I have a few questions about you becoming president. On the night of the elections, how di you fee when you learned the results? Which of our past presidents do you look up to the most? And finally, what are you going to do that you think will best benefit or help the United States of America?
Jordan Clark

Dear Obama,
Hello my name is Ryan and I think you’re the best president yet. At first I wasn’t interested in the campaign for president. All I knew was it was different because a woman and a black man were running. But when it came down to you and McCain I became interested. I never thought you wouldn’t win it always seemed like you would. And I think you really will make a change. Some of the people I know say you’re just another George Bush. Not that there’s anything wrong with Bush, it’s just he never made a change. But I know you will!
From Ryan Gibson

Dear Barack Obama,
What plans do you have in mind for the war in Iraq? To me it is a confusing and stressful topic. My father is in the military and the war is a topic that often comes to my mind. I hope that whatever plans you have helps Iraq become stronger but meanwhile keeping more of our soldiers home.
How does it feel to be the first African American president? You must feel very proud. With your being the next president, it shows a lot about how far our country has come.
Do your two girls go to school? Or are they home-schooled? It would be fun being them having bodyguards following you around all day. If they are home-schooled, do they have a teacher/tutor come to the white house to teach them?
What kind of dogs are you looking to get? I recommend a basset hound. They are cute lazy dogs and they will not get in the way.
Erin Morrissey

Dear Barack Obama,
I have a few questions that interest me. How does it feel to be the first African American in office? You must be very proud. Now tell me, you won the election and told your two girls they would get a puppy. What kind of puppy are you thinking of getting? (I would suggest a German Shepherd.)
As you know being president you get to live in the White House. Does it affect your life in a good way, or a bad way? If any, why? You are now the president of the United States. Bum Bum BBBBBBBBUUUMMMM.
If our country has run out of oil and water, how would you handle this situation?
Now that you were elected, do you feel relieved, scared, happy, or excited? (I’d be excited.)
I appreciate you taking your time to read my letter. Pleasure talking with you Sir.
From Your Fellow American: Amber Jean Maria Anderson

Dear Obama,
How are you? I have a few questions to ask you. What is it like to be the next president? Why did you want to be a president? Why did you want to be a Democrat? I hope your presidency is a good one. Remember to take small steps and think before you do. I hope you and your family have a great year. I have two more things to ask. What is your favorite animal? Why do you like that animal?
From Loretta M. Mckee
P.S. I like penguins and monkeys.
P.P.S. I am Pro-Life and I hope that you’ll be Pro-Life too.

Dear Barack Obama,
I’m happy you are the president because we need a change in this country. You remind me of Martin Luther King Jr. for making a difference, and how all the people in the world see each other. This is going to be a different way we see the United States of America, and it’s going to be a good change. I hope you have a good time in the White House with your family, and I was wondering what is the part of the house that you like the most. I am happy for what you are changing in the U.S.A. and I’m happy that you won the election. You gave it your all and guess what you won against McCain. I hope the people that didn’t want you to win will now love that you are the president. You winning the election has now began the spread around like the music about, tee shirts with your face on them, coins that have your face on it, and some other things. I heard that you will be changing some of the things; like rules, laws, and the way the U.S. go by and I am happy for that. When you won I was so happy I jumped up and started dancing and yelling.
From: David Grear

Dear President Obama,
Congratulations on your election for the 44th President of the United States of America. I am proud to say that our country has reached the point in which racial segregation is COMPLETELY set aside for you, our first African-American President, to be seated in that great Oval Office. Although I am usually leaned toward conservative viewpoints, I will support you to the fullest.
My name is Ryan Morrissey. I am in the 8th grade and attending Richmond Hill Middle School. I have written this letter to show my gratitude towards you and your great accomplishment. I have kept track of the close race between you and Senator John McCain. I strongly leaned toward McCain throughout the race, but I have little doubt in your plan to bring this country back to power in this time of economic recession.
I have a few comments and questions about your policy. Your plan to bring the troops home quickly, as you have said, should be carefully thought out. I am proud to say my dad is serving in the Army with the 3rd Infantry Division stationed at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield. Our division is the most deployed in the Army. I feel the effects of the President’s decisions immensely. When President Bush ordered The Surge, my dad deployed for 13 months as the Deputy Commanding Officer of the 3rd Sustainment Brigade. You also have him planned to leave in 2010. I understand his deployment I cannot make him stay. But I missed him dearly and heard of his comrades deaths while his deployment was still occurring. Please make your decision with complete thought about our nation and families.
Also, you economic plan is all in our minds right now. The idea of a $775 billion stimulus package is following up on your slogan, “Spread the Wealth”. But I think that this bill should be held off until we try to let our economy heal itself. I think that putting our national debt close to $1 trillion is risky on top of our mortgage crisis in the making.
I know you believe in change President Obama. We are all aware of your plans to change the republican style of government. I know that after you have been inaugurated, you will make smart decisions. And yes, that is why they call you the President.
President Obama, please put our nation in good hands. Once again, congratulations.
Ryan Morrissey

Dear Barack Obama,
Being President of the United States is a large job, no matter if you are liked or unliked.
Although to win the election you have already showed America what your plans for your next four years in office are, there are still a few questions I would like to ask you.
Every president has their own opinions on every topic so I was wondering what your major details on major issues in the United States are. Since the economy of the United States is poor at the moment which effects every other country’s economy because we are world leaders, what do you plan to improve the economy for the United States? People are losing their jobs and houses. How do you plan to make more jobs? The people who have jobs are afraid to spend their money they earn which will cause more unemployment. How are you going to let people know it is ok to spend money wisely again? If unemployment continues who will you deal with it?
The U.S. is the Democratic leader of the world. How do you plan on adding more countries to the list of Democratic countries and stop terrorist from controlling other countries?
U.S. citizens are also trying to develop new sources of energy. How do you plan to allow companies to create new energy sources. American will like the outcome to this problem because we all want long lasting reasonably prices and clean fuels.
The U.S. has always set an example of welcoming immigrants from other countries to become citizens. How will you make sure every immigrant is a citizen?
The U.S. is the greatest country in the world. What is the first thing you will do to show the world we will continue to be number one?
Allison Cherundolo


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