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County's COVID cases top 1,100
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As of 3 p.m., September 22nd, there have been 16,936 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in residents of the Coastal Health District and 315 deaths.

 Cases by county:

  • Bryan: 1,101 cases, 11 deaths
  • Camden: 1,243 cases, 8 deaths
  • Chatham: 8,199 cases, 147 deaths
  • Effingham: 1,384 cases, 23 deaths
  • Glynn: 3,416 cases, 94 deaths
  • Liberty: 1,078 cases, 22 deaths
  • Long: 231 cases, 3 deaths
  • McIntosh: 284 cases, 7 deaths

 Timing of Reports:

It can take days, weeks, or longer for COVID-19 case-related information, including deaths, to be reported from various sources and confirmed by the State. Our daily update of COVID-19 cases and deaths reflects when a case is reported and not necessarily when a specimen was collected or a death occurred.

 Any reductions are due to corrections of previous errors in the database.

 More Information:

You can find local case information, additional data, FAQs and other COVID-19 associated web content at

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