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Community service no accident for Yackel
Scott Yackel stands beside the helicopter he flies for mosquito control in Chatham County.

Scott Yackel has been a member of Richmond Hill Lion’s Club for eight years and became the president this year. He’s always been involved in community work, and the Lion’s Club is just an extension of that desire.

"I’ve always been community-service oriented," he said.

One focus of the Lion’s Club is to aid the sight-disabled. The local club offers two scholarships to local high school seniors. A primary fundraiser for its charitable work is its annual Broom Sale. The local club also collects eye glasses and reprocesses them for the needy, especially children from local schools. Yackel actively supports both of these efforts, and he is proud when someone comes up at a fundraiser and shares a story of how the Lion’s Club helped them in the past. The Lion’s Club shows its community support in other ways, such as donating brooms to the Way Station last year. The Ways Station ministry is dedicated to supplying food and clothing to those who need a little help making ends meet.

Membership in the RH Lion’s Club is open to both men and women. A willingness to serve is the only requirement. If a person wants to be heavily involved or only a little involved, there is a place for him/her. Many people, who might have some interest in eye research or the field of eye care in general, could join. The RH Lion’s Club has been richly blessed with some wonderful members and charter members who continue to be active and help mentor/guide the newer members.

Lion’s Club International has helped millions of people for more than 60 years, and it is one of the most recognizable community-oriented international clubs.

Other interests

Yackel will tell anyone right up front that he is a practicing Christian. His beliefs determine the way he lives, and he carries his spiritual life with him wherever he goes. Retired from 20 years in the Coast Guard, he is proud to be an American and a veteran. Being a Christian and an American is at the core of his everyday life. He is proud of those who serve our country and our God. In his Christian walk, Yackel has achieved the position of eder in the RH Presbyterian Church. This is a way of taking responsibility as a Christian. It is another avenue that allows him to minister. This is the main focus of his life.

His job, which includes being on call 24-7, is a helicopter pilot for Chatham County. He serves as a mosquito control helicopter pilot and also does police work, fire fighting, and emergency management work in that capacity. In fact, he is the past president of the Georgia Mosquito Control Association. He works closely with CEMA to develop plans for disaster preparedness. His career is not an accident. Choosing to be a public servant fits right in with his philosophy of giving back to the community.

It all boils down to one thing for Yackel. "My purpose is to help other people."

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