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From coffee to cats, our intern is grateful
Lizzy Donker
Lizzy Donker

By Lizzy Donker, BCN intern.

My boss told me to write an article about what I was thankful for in light of Thanksgiving.  At first, I was not so fond of the idea. The whole idea of writing a warm and fuzzy article about how I’m grateful for my friends and family seemed a little cliché and not exactly up my alley. But, I like my job and would like to keep it so here I go..

 And besides, what’s wrong with practicing gratefulness around the holiday that stresses it the most?

If I really think about it, there are way too many things I am grateful for than I could ever fit in an article- at least one that you would want to read. But, allow me to start with the obvious- coffee! 

I feel confident in saying that at least half of America would agree with me when I say that coffee is God’s gift to us after leaving mankind on its own to invent indoor plumbing after all those centuries. 

And if you’re not a coffee drinker, first off, congratulations on somehow waking up and functioning every morning without it, and secondly- stop pretending you’re fine we can all see that you’re suffering.

Something else I’m grateful for; Dogs! And cats! I have decided to keep whether I’m more of a dog or a cat person strictly private as I don’t want things to get too political (cats are definitely better, though).

Oh, and you know those free samples they give out at Sam’s Club? I am definitely grateful for those- you don’t even have to have lunch, just take a trip to Sam’s and you get the same eating around the world kind of experience you get at Epcot, except the food comes in plastic cups and is definitely not as good (side note, if you’re one of those people who don’t take the free samples you’re just missing out on the small joys this life has to offer).

Okay, and I guess since I’ve managed to make it this far, I am actually grateful for my friends and family. Especially my friends, because I don’t even think I would be friends with me if I met me (seriously, how do they do it??).

 I’m also super grateful to live in a beautiful place like this one that (mostly) stays warm year-round.

 I’m grateful to go to a good school where I am getting a good education, and I’m grateful to be an intern for Bryan County News and for even having the opportunity to write this article.

So, no matter how cynical you are, or cliche the idea of Thanksgiving may sound, try to think of a few things you’re grateful for this year. I promise, if nothing else, it’ll make all the sucky stuff in life seem a little less bad. If I can do it, so can you!

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