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City reports 'major' sewage spill
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Richmond Hill officials reported Friday that a “major spill” at its wastewater treatment plant near Sterling Creek happened Wednesday.
According to a press release from the city, “The estimated spill volume was 617,100 gallons and was discharged into Elbow Swamp.”
The spill is classified as major because the discharge, which had been treated via the plant’s constructed wetlands, exceeded the city’s permit discharge limits for biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) by more than 50 percent. The wastewater was treated, so the discharge poses no threat to the general public, officials said.
Wednesday's spill is the most recent in a series of spills that have occurred since the spring and all of which have been caused by excessive BOD limits. The city is in the early planning stages of upgrading and expanding the wastewater treatment plant, which officials say will alleviate such issues.

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