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Chorus might be dropped for lack of participation
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There have been rumors that Bryan County Elementary School’s chorus program is being cut, but it turns out there just isn’t that much participation from students, according to school officials.

Last week, BCES Principal Debbie Laing sent a letter to all BCES parents about the program.

"As part of the Bryan County Elementary curriculum, all students receive music instruction once a week. Chorus is an extracurricular activity which students audition for and are selected based on their musical ability. Curriculum is taught during the instructional day and extracurricular activities are scheduled before or after the instructional day," Laing explained in her letter. "Chorus has not been ‘cut’ from BCES. It has to be scheduled before or after school as it is done at the other elementary schools in our county, because it is extracurricular."

Laing said her and choral instructor Lynn Wright discussed how Chorus could best be scheduled in order to continue the program.

"Ms. Wright has decided that it will not be worthwhile to schedule chorus outside of the instructional day because of lack of participation," Laing said.

She has encouraged parents of BCES students to call or write to Wright and express interest in continuing the program, including the willingness to have the student brought to school early or picked up late in order to participate.

Schools Superintendent Dr. Sallie Brewer said there are currently 74 students in the program. While there have been parents who contacted the school to express interest in continuing the program, she did not have an exact number.

"The program has continued this school year with practices and several end-of-the-year concerts planned," Laing said.

As of this year, Brewer said the RHMS, RHHS, BCMS, BCHS and CES have chorus programs in addition to the music curriculum. RHES and RHPS do not currently offer an extracurricular chorus program.

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