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Candidate Profile: Van Hunter
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Van Hunter

Running for: City Council Post 1.


Why he’s running:

Some people would say that I simply want to be the "fly-in-the-ointment." Some people say that you are an ‘idiot’ to want to participate in elected politics. There might be some truth to that! All you have to do is look at our Congress, the Senate and the current Administration. But simply put, it was like my mother once said to me: "if not you, then who. If not now, then when?" As I have tried to explain to my family and friends (yes, I have a few), the individual can still make a difference. The founding fathers sacrificed everything. Look, at Sarah Palin, PTSO president, mayor, governor, and vice-presidential candidate. She was and is an individual that clearly has made a difference. Heck, the only reason I voted for the McCain-Palin ticket was last name on that ticket.



My children and I moved to Richmond Hill nearly 25years ago. I have been a single parent for nearly 22 years. I am a contented father of four children, four grandchildren and care provider for my mother and sister. My children attended Richmond Hill schools; some went to college, others the military. I coached girls’ softball and basketball for a number of years with the Richmond Hill Recreation Association. ( gotta love the gnats) I am blessed with my four children still being in Richmond Hill as they have brought 4 grandchildren with them. Zachary is currently attending elementary school here, Adrianna is at First Christian Academy and two more are in local daycare centers here in town.

I graduated from Middle Georgia College, spent a tour with the Army and have worked with such companies as ADP, Bunker-Ramo, IBM, Alpha Computers, and then went into business for myself in 2001.

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