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Property transfers for Nov. 2
house sale
Deeds showing transfer of property ownership are filed with the Bryan County Clerk of Courts. - photo by Stock photo

Property transfers filed with the Bryan County Clerk of Courts Office through Oct. 24:

William Tyler Woodson to Ty Garret Nobles and Jennifer Ann Weeks, 430 Creekside Circle, $145,900, Oct. 3.

Keller Enterprises, LLC to Ricardo J. Touma, 80 Walker Court, $158,000, Oct. 3.

Katelyn Finnegan to Audrey Edwards and Casey Edwards, 25 Harleigh Lane, $145,000, Oct. 3.

Christopher A. Scholz to Michael Sherman, 200 Peachtree Drive, $183,000, Oct. 3.

JM Allen Construction, Inc. to Clinton A. Herring, 405 Ridgewood Park Drive N., $407,000, Oct. 3.

Synergy Homes of Georgia, LLC to Michael M. Froebel and Jodie Froebel, 59 N. Whitaker Way, $264,000, Oct. 6.

Beacon New Homes, LLC to Jason C. Schutz, 100 Creekside Circle, $156,500, Oct. 6.

Monica Rodriguez to Harrison R. Layne, 715 Osprey Drive, $143,000, Oct. 4.

William J. Ryle, Jr. to Gregory D. Harrison, 61 Shumantown Road, $167,900, Oct. 4.

Jonathan Ripton and Amanda B Ripton to Tran Holdings, INC., 2025 Rushing Street, $124,000, Oct. 4.

ELNC-Sedgefield Court, LLC to John Latch, 44 Sedgefield Court, $210,000, Oct. 4.

Harry Brodmann, Jr. to Maria Juarez and Angel Lopez, 254 Mulberry Drive, $325,000, Oct. 9.

Douglas Adam Jarrard to Keller Enterprises, LLC, 896 Dunham Marsh Trail, $58,000, Oct. 10.

Savannah Land Holdings, LLC to Keller Enterprises, LLC, 231 Ridgewood Park S., $69,000, Oct. 10.

Cynthia Morrow to William V. Gapac and Melanie Gapac, 106 Oak Leaf Court, $47,000, Oct. 16.

Robert Schneider to Dana M. Theriault, 300 Cantle Drive, $157,900, Oct. 16.

Richard A. Laton, Jr. to Kevin W. Smith, 485 Osprey Drive, $178,000, Oct. 16.

Glen E. Porter to Michael Ravita, 94 Cartertown Road, $160,000, Oct. 16.

Gabriel Cortes to Zachary J. Schmidt and Jennifer S. Schmidt, 334 O’Hara Drive, $257,000, Oct. 16.

Jeffrey J. Waters to Matthew W. Nesselroad and Alexandria Megan, 260 Saint Catherine Court, $268,000, Oct. 16.

Connor G. O’Sullivan Wicklund to Christopher J. O’Malley, 491 Lou Page Lane, $342,500, Oct. 16.

Mandi Allison Lewis to Anthony J. Baumann and Andrea C. Baumann, 734 Castleoak Drive, $295,000, Oct. 17.

William S. Budke to Neil S. Quinn and Brittany C. Quinn, 372 Belle Grove Circle, $220,000, Oct. 18.

Hinesville Home Center, Inc. to Jennifer Oliver, 22 Mountain View Drive, $135,000, Oct. 18.

Mungo Homes of Georgia, LLC to Jordan Daniel Michaud and Christine Frances Michaud, 18 McCrady Drive, $217,250, Oct. 20.

Mungo Homes of Georgia, LLC to Monica Minning, 86 McCrady Drive, $324,040, Oct. 20.

Kristina M. Russell to Yaziddah N. Buist, 4701 N. Highway 119, $254,900, Oct. 19.

Heather A. Wall and Ashley H. Tucker to Kristina M. Adams, 388 Laureburg Drive, $257,000, Oct. 19.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah, LLC to Twana Martin and Wayne Martin, 445 Wicklow Drive, $305,565, Oct. 19.

Lou J. Simmons to Sara Pelletier Norwood, 125 Belle Island S/D, $50,000, Oct. 19.

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