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Property transfers for March 9
house sale

Property transfers through Feb. 28

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah, LLC to Samuel R. Coolidge, 310 Abigail Circle, $136,912, Feb. 16.

Christine Watson to Tracey L. Rogers and Laurie A. Rogers, 1198 Pine Needle Drive, $60,800, Feb. 16.

Beacon Builders, Inc. to Jonathon G. Riggs, 50 Harleigh Lane, $166,725, Feb. 17.

Mungo Homes of Georgia, LLC to Peter Pospichal and Sonia J. Pospichal, 1400 Castleoak Drive, $324,403, Feb. 21.

Branch Banking and Trust Company to Jeffrey D. McMurry, 300 Zachary Trail, $125,000, Feb. 21.

Mark A. Varga to AH4R Properties, LLC, 223 Lancaster Way, $160,000, Feb. 21.

C.E. Hall, Inc. to Adam B. Duszak and Wendy L. Duszak, 890 St. Catherine Circle, $475,000, Feb. 22.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah, LLC to James Ashley Denney, 495 Abigail Circle, $136,366, Feb. 22.

Bradley Miller to Ivan Thomas Goodrich, V, 177 E. Burkhalter Street, $102,500, Feb. 24.

Promiseland Capital, LLC to Seacoast Construction, LLC, 400 Wicklow Drive, $44,000, Feb. 24.

U.S. Bank Trust, N.A. as Trustee for LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Gary D. Breon, 441 Rice Gate Drive, $115,000, Feb. 24.

Mungo Homes of Georgia, LLC to Jonathan P. Domanick and Maria P. Domanick, 1572 Castleoak Drive, $295,475, Feb. 24.

Peter R. Stone to Lindsay G. Waine, 224 Misty Drive, $238,000, Feb. 22.

Mungo Homes of Georgia, LLC to Cody L. Newsome, 1866 Castleoak Drive, $263,000, Feb. 27.

TMH, LLC to Kenneth Hibbs and Mary Beth Hibbs, 537 Kilkenny Road, $70,000, Feb. 27.

DRB Holdings, LLC to Horizon Home Builders of Savannah, LLC, 160 Abigail Circle, $42,000, Feb. 27.

The Williams Hall Group, LP to Mary Brown, 2705 River Oaks Drive, $306,200, Feb. 27.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee et al to Roger DeMarco, 91 Blue Wing Drive, $114,200, Feb. 27.

Quinton P. Brantley, Jr., as Executor to Christopher Thomas Allen, 173 Blue Lake Street, $179,900, Feb. 27.

Eli Valezquez to Jair Cranmore, 59 Richmond Way, $179,000, Feb. 27.

Jacob Arndt to Ian Thomas, 245 Fairview Drive, $266,500, Feb. 27.

Ken Traylor Jr. to James D. Williams and Cathy D. Williams, 900 Kelsall Drive, $280,000, Feb. 27.

Larry Lauterhahn to Casey Bradford Wilcoxon and Kelley Wilcoxon, 912 Brigham Drive, $308,000, Feb. 27.

Landmark 24 Homes Savannah, LLC to Steven M. Price and Meaghan Perry-Price, 128 Whitaker Way N, $239,525, Feb. 27.

Donna M. Hancock, Trustee of the Sandra J. Hembach to Ronald D. Carver and Marie W. Carver, 251 Park Place, $148,200, Feb. 27.

Timothy C. Shinkle to Enoch R. Myrick and Melanie Fahrenkrug, 187 Sterling Creek Drive, $165,000, Feb. 27.

Beacon Builders, Inc. to Timothy A. Hoover and Kelli Ann O’Hara, 40 Bonnie Circle, $157,447, Feb. 27.

Joan M. Day to Martin Welch, 118 Port Drive, $119,000, Feb. 27.

Savannah Land Holdings, LLC to Keller Enterprises, LLC, 220 Blackjack Oak Drive W., $55,000, Feb. 28.

J.M. Allen Construction, inc. to Oscar D. Cisneros and Adelita J. Cisneros, 150 Wicklow Drive, $297,000, Feb. 28.

Homes of Integrity Construction Co., Inc. to Tara Hook, 334 Waverly Way, $268,864, Feb. 28.

Jolanda L. Gardner to Mark P. Groves, 22 Cypress Pointe Drive, $128,500, Feb. 28.

Adam B. Duszak to Joseph Rodriguez, 124 Brigham Drive, $375,000, Feb. 16.

Gregory K. Bandish Jr. to Caleb Lewis Hunter, 25 Scarlett Lane, $215,000, Feb. 16.

Trey Griner to Brian Murphy, 415 Teal Lake Drive, $144,900, Feb. 16.

Landmark 24 Homes of Savannah, LLC to Jeremy J. Fregeau and Alison M. Fregeau, 208 Whitaker Way, $284,339, Feb. 16.

Wheaton Street Investors, Inc. to Anne Marie Misher, 1730 Harris Trail, $55,100, Feb. 16.

Michael Tountasakis to BAZ Holdings, LLC, 91 Marsh Hen Lane, $277,500, Feb. 16.

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